Rainy Days with Children

this is not my child. But they look similar. 

Yay, we are growing (the children, that is, I am most certainly not growing at all). We have successfully reached the "arts and crafts with mommy and daddy" stage and I am sharing with you my posts on the topic. I've called it "rainy days with children" but of course you can craft whenever you need to. It includes all sorts of things the children manage (I will give you the age of my children in the posts at the time) and we try to make things that

1. we like to put  up on the wall (more on "the wall" later here)
2. we can tweak to put up on the wall
3. is suitable for presents
4. the children can participate while I make something that is suitable as a present
5. doesn't need 1000 special and expensive ingredients
6. doesn't produce too much waste
7. is fun
8. teaches them something
9. doesn't take ages (i.e. more than their attention span) or can be easily divided into small portions (yay, several rainy days covered!!)
10. can be "upgraded" for bigger or "easified" for smaller siblings or taken to extremes (for well rested adults)

This series starts in September 2017 AND will be published in German (with lots of pictures) here: www.bastelschoen.blogspot.de

Für alle deutschsprachigen Bastelenthusiasten: Ich hab jetzt einen Blog über unser Basteln eingerichtet

I will also mention the sources in the posts, if I have them. I used pinterest and just google search. And my very own imagination (unless I was tired, then I used pinterest and google)

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