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Sunday, 16 September 2018

A Dirndl for a little lady

Our oldest daughter is starting school this autumn, so I wanted to make something special for her for the occasion. I've been planning to make this Dirndl for her for months and managed to make one for Little Miss No 2 already, so making this one was easier.

The sizing is very precise, I cut a size 98 in width and a size 116 in length for her (according to the size chart) and it fits just right, but not one centimeter too much. The blouse runs a bit tight, especially when you make it to pull it over the head, I had to let out all of the seam allowance. And it only just fits...

If I made it for her again, I would probably go up one size (both Dirndl and blouse) - luckily she didn't have a growth spurt just before school started.

All in all the pattern is really good, if you keep in mind, that it runs rather tight, it's super. The instructions are really good, lots of photographs. It's not a supertraditional way of making a Dirndl, but it's as close as you get if you want to finish the dress in a reasonable amount of time.

The pattern is from
The fabrics (pink and blue) are from here
The fabric for the blouse used to be a bedsheet and the litte trim is from the local arts and crafts shop.

I had a little bit of fabric leftover, so I made a Mini Dirndl for the Nora Doll, too. :) I used a dress from the Mariengold oh girl! book and winged the apron. It was a really nice quick and easy project. I will try and post a picture of the dress for the doll soon.

ePattern: 8,50 Euros
Fabric and notions: 30,00 Euros

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ileana Dress - for Little Miss No 1.

I've had this pattern lying around for some time, because... I forgot about it. There was some sort of sale or so at Compagnie M a few years ago and I bought Ileana, too. I was given this lovely leaf patterned fabric (rather heavy) and I knew immediately, it should be a dress for Little Miss No 1, with a circle skirt. She's totally into wide skirts that "turn" at the moment. I am not really in time for the season (or much too early, depending on which way you look at it).

I printed the pattern and then chose the size according to her measurements - which meant a 2 year old in width and a 5 year old in height... uh... I wasn't sure whether that would work out. I took the shoulder measurement and the armhole for 5 year olds, too... But it turns out, her measurement tables are correct (silly me...) which is SUPER! Not too much ease but not too tight, either.

It turned out really well and went together easily. The only thing I didn't really like was the zipper, which ends at the waist, so the little one has to sort of squeeze her bottom through the waist opening measurement. If I make the dress another time, I would choose a slightly longer zip and extend it into the skirt section (which would have to be split in the center back then, too, but that's not too bad).

All in all I really like her patterns, also this one, which is really versatile. I like the different collar options. 

Initally I had planned to paint a few of the leaves and fruit on the dress with fabric  paint, but little Miss No 1 objected. She did agree with the yellow bias tape for hemming it. She wants to wear the dress every day now (which will be a lesson for me: don't make dresses in the wrong season - or keep them to yourself until the weather clears up...). We've got storm and freezing temperatures at the moment...

Material: none, as was given and from stash
Pattern: Compagnie M, Ileana dress, circle skirt, cap sleeves, collar with bow. Already had that.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Best girls' summer dress ever!!!

the bias tape is not neon orange. it's a nice warm orange. never mind what the camera saw.

Summer has finally arrived and it's superhot (35°C in the shade). The girls go through their summer dresses so fast I decided they need some more (I am always amazed with what speed and ease the children soil their clothes...). I used a supereasy pattern (basically a square with armholes) and the children love the dresses. I've made nearly all of them in 2-year old and 5 year old version. So the can go "hers and hers". For a bout 30seconds. Apart from the one pictured above (made from two old pillowcases) I made 4 white ones from a remnant of my regency Blitz-dress, 2 light yellow dresses from linen fabric I had in the stash (no idea what I intended to make from that originally...) and 1 for litte Miss No 1 from an old shirt from my natural minimalist. Apart from the one pictured (which I happened to finish today), they are ALL in the wash basket or drying on the line.

The dresses are quite wide at the top (with an elastic) and have big armholes and are nicely adjustable with the bias tape straps, so I just assumed they will fit for quite a while. I made them all as long as possible and added an extra wide hem and a few folds above it to let out length when the children grow.

The pattern has simple instructions and 3 variations for the straps. There is not much more you need  in a summer dress for superheat.  You can get the pattern here  (German):

Time: about 4 hours for 9 dresses (done on several days...)
Cost: Nothing additional. Had all in the house. Some of the material was given to me. Fabric requirements are minimal, 1 pillowcase (80x80cm) is enough for a dress for a 5-8 year old.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Amour Fou Crochet - Mini Frida

Mini - Frida

I've finished another crochet doll by Amour Fou Crochet and I really enjoyed it. :)

I made Princess Leia last time - see blogpost here - and I couldn't resist her Mini Frida.
There were a few little mistakes in the pattern (maybe from the translation, but noting too serious) and like with princess Leia my hairhat-piece turned out a tiny bit too short (which I could have avoided by checking...).

Overall the pattern is really well made, lots of pictures, clear instructions, easy to follow. She also makes recommendations for simple and quick alterations (e.g. an alternative hairstyle or style for the shawl) which I find really nice.

The pattern is a clear recommendation. 

It was snowing last night and I managed to take these pictures of Frida going for a walk in the snow before the children took over the peaceful picture.

cosy walk
slightly high front here, ...

girls united

Things learnt: making flowers, triangle shawl, should have measured better with the size of the hair though...
Cost: Pattern 6 Euros, cotton yarn (black, skin, red, green, blue)  12 Euros


Monday, 17 October 2016

Princess Leia - Amour fou crochet

Due to the fact that I have to pack all my sewing stuff (because of "the move") and still want to do something I have been looking into crocheting again. I stumbled across this lady from Buenos Aires, Argentina who is designing great stuff. 

I've made 2 Leias already (the first looks a bit different because I did something wrong with my single crochet). And somehow I am very tempted to make another, third one. 
She is standing all by herself but somehow the arm ended up casually leaning on my sewing machine.
The pattern is brilliant, very good descriptions and instructions and available in several languages.
Highly recommended!

(She's got other real characters, too!)
I don't usually link shops, but here's the etsy shop 

Things learnt: crocheting onto an figure, Noppenmasche for the Nose
Cost: Pattern about 5 Euros, Material: about 10 Euros (I made 2 Leias from it though)

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mummy, I want a shirt like that, too!!!

Maybe you remember the post about the shirts I made for Little Miss No 2? Little Miss No 1 decided, she absolutely needed the same shirts like her little sister. Luckily, I still had some fabric leftover from both the seahorses  and the whale-fabric. It's a lovely knit, 95% Cotton, 5 % Elasthan, has a nice touch and is SO soft. I am nearly a bit jealous. :) I needed 0,40cm from the seahorses/whale knot for the "body", and the sleeves are from remnants I had in my stash.

So, I made 2 more shirts for Little Miss No1. I used the "Mama hoch 2" pattern for raglan shirts. ( - the sizing is very precise and the pattern is free!

The fabric is from this online shop (


Total cost:  ~5 Euros each shirt

pattern: free, from Mama Hoch 2
fabric: remnants of whale/seahorse knit, dark blue knit and yellow stars knit for sleeves, adds up to about 5 Euros each shirt. Bought here, from stash
notions: "hertzwerk" tag from Dortex, "Cottonera 15", 50 Cents per tag.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Some Raglan Shirts for the little ones... (mamahoch2)

I found this page with lots of free (or "pay as you wish") patterns just recently and wanted to share it.

They have patterns for all sizes and ages and my first deed were 6 beanie hats for the children... unfortunately in the past month (before I managed to take a picture) ALL of them have disappeared... no idea where to... I thought I had seen a survivor just a couple of days ago but there is absolutely no trace of them now. So, no pictures for you, but there are plenty on

Thursday, 26 May 2016

More Charles! (Compagnie-M)

I made some more Charles trousers. Again. I simply love that pattern. I widened the legs a little for a more "bootcut version". I've also made a pair in black wide corduroy (a little bit like German traditional carpenter's trousers), but they are in the wash.. I will try and add a picture when the little lady doesn't dirty them faster than I can take a picture...

Actually the colour is a lovely "teal", but my camera doesn't love me today. It's a nice corduroy.

Monday, 23 May 2016

A shirt with "American Neckline"...! (Schnabelina)

I have so much knit fabrics in my stash (don't ask...), I am really going crazy with making shirts for the girls.

This is one of my favourite FREE patterns at the moment (besides the raglan shirt from "mamahoch2"):

Schnabelina Regenbogenbody. It's originally a bodysuit, but obviously you can also just use it as a t-shirt pattern. Again, the sizing is really accurate, I appreciate that a lot.

There are plenty of sizes available 46 (small newborn) to 146 (teenager). And 3 different necklines. I personally love the "American neckline". In fact I would love a shirt like that myself...

Schnabelina is really creative, there are lots of tutorials and free patterns on her page!

all her patterns:

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Princess Castle and Fall Basics SHIRTS (ottobre design)

I tried a basic raglan-shirt from the Ottobre Design 4/13, it  is called "fall basic". The shirt runs about 2 sized big, so instead of a 110 I made a 98. I somehow messed up the bias at the top because I didn't stretch it enough, but she loves the shirt so I didn't change it.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Unterwegs mit Baby/Kleinkind (2) - Raus in die Natur!!

.... Und irgendwann braucht man kein Wickel- und Stillzimmer mehr und Mikrowellen sind kein Qualitätskriterium für Auflugsziele - irgendwann muss man ...

                                                        RAUS IN DIE NATUR!!!


Ich finde, es gibt nichts Schöneres, als mit der ganzen Familie raus in die Natur zu gehen. Die Kinder können rennen und sind am Abend schön müde und ausgeglichen von frischer Luft und "Grün". Kleine Vesper einpacken, ein Gutsle und viel Wasser und los geht's!

 Auf der Suche nach geeigneten Zielen bin ich über diese Webseite gestolpert, in der man (superpraktisch!!) eine PLZ-Umkreissuche machen kann. Sehr angenehm ist der Einteilung nach 0, 10, 50 und 100 km... je nachdem, wie lange man fahren möchte. Und es ist in aufsteigender Entfernung sortiert.

Bei jedem Artikel steht eine Altersempfehlung, ggf link zur Beschreibung etc. Man kann auch auswählen, ob man lieber Natur oder doch Zoo, Hallenbäder etc pp sucht.

Die Seite gibt auch Hilfestellung zum Organisatorischen

wenn Ihr also Natur in 20km Umgebung von Freiburg  sucht -> hier lang[0]=2

Von uns ausprobiert und für gut befunden:

unterhalb des Schloss Bürgeln ist ein Wanderparkplatz mit 5 kurzen Wanderungen zwischen 30 und 120min, gut ausgeschildert. :)

Ausserdem ist auch die "Schwarzwald" sehr praktisch, da kann man in der Tourensuche Schwierigkeit und Dauer/Länge bestimmen und obs kinderfreundlich ist, steht auch dabei.

Es gibt eine Wandertour rund um die Staufener Burg, die sehr schön ist, Karte unbedingt vorher ausdrucken und mitnehmen. HIER

Außerdem gibt es noch kurze SUPER beschilderte Wanderungen, die alle am Schloßpark in Badenweiler starten. Die Karten gibt es auch kostenfrei in der Tourist Information in Badenweiler. Nicht Kinderwagengeeignet, aber kleinkindgeeignet (getestet an 2,5 Jahre und 5,5 Jahre haben wir den Pfarrwaldweg - wir haben unter anderem eine ganze Herde Grüffelos (oder ein einzelnes, SEHR schnelles, das quasi ÜBERALL war, gesehen) und zahlreiche Gnomen, Zwerge, Feen und Elfen bzw. deren Behausungen. Aber noch mehr Grüffelos. Bei Weitem.)

Wer noch mehr Ausflugstipps hat, bitte gerne her damit... !!

Viel Spaß in der Natur!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Biohazard Sauber-Zauber-Windeletui

I am sewing lots of stuff at the same time at the moment, covering the time between the 1770s and well, now.... here's something practical, if you have children that still need nappies.
The instructions (German) are from this great blog

The Biohazard machineembroidery is from

Friday, 5 June 2015

Stella and Lotta and forest animals

Yes, I am sewing a lot of stuff for Daughter No 1 at the moment, mainly due to the fact that this well matured piece of fabric with the adorable forest animals was hanging around my sewing table and I all of a sudden I got into a sewing frenzy. :) (and I've got a skirt like that already, remember...?)

So, as I really like the patterns of Compagnie-M I thought I'd make some skirts.

Here they are. It's the "Stella" and the "Lotta" Skirt, they are both easy and have a great fit. They come with great instructions, multiple ways of customizing and both have an adjustable waistband. There is a fitting help with measurements included, too.

anyhow, here are the skirts. Can you spot the differences? ;)

Lotta skirt

Stella skirt (can you find the dirty patch?) ;)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Foxy Louisa

I've made a Louisa Dress (Compagnie M patterns, love them!
 before, and then I had a bit leftover from that fox fabric (I made a skirt for myself from it ages ago)  and made another Louisa dress, this time with that funny partition. I like it. As always, Daughter No1 HATES new things.
The sizing of the pattern is great and it's a real treat to work with.

Monday, 1 June 2015

I love Elephants

Actually I would love to have a jacket like this myself - but I decided to make one for Daughter No 1 instead.

I found the pattern in Ottobre Design 1/12 (BrumBrum) and made it without the sleeve inserts. It's really easy, again, the size runs a bit big, which doesn't really matter in a comfy jacket and I knew it before.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Klinkerklunk aka Yoki the fat dragon

Not at all related to hat making or historical sewing ...
I've made a toy dragon for Daughter No 1.
I just couldn't resist.

The starting point was this book that I am reading to her at the moment (again and again and again...)
"Heute ist Lucy Prinzessin"
and also "Heute ist Lucy Piratin"
 They are actually really nice and this Lucy has a dragon called "Klinkerklunk" who is adorable and loves rasperry jam. So I made a Klinkerklunk, too.

I ordered a kit (just batting  needed extra, very recommendable for stressed mothers...) and it all went together nicely. I recommend sewing it by hand. It's far easier than with the machine because of all those small part.

Here's the link to the dragon pattern
Yoki the fat dragon pattern on etsy
it's also availabe on
She also sells LOTS of other uber-cute patterns and kits (yeah!!) to maky fluffies yourself. :) 
Have a look at her page (and the hippo and giraffe and the octopus OH MY!!)

Klinkerklunk has joined her to nursery today AND survived it. :)

Have a great weekend, 


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cowl neck jumper dress for Miss L.


I've done some sewing for Miss L. again. A while ago I had bought some patterns from Heidi and Finn ( and finally I've got around to making the Cowl neck dress. i've chosen the size 3T which should be just about right for her age... the pattern runs a little large, I think, but the fabric is really stretchy and soft, too, so maybe it's that.

I had some medium to lightweight jersey (I think it is viscose...) lying around, I must have bought that for some other project but i REALLY don't remember what I intended to do with it in the first place. Despite the fact that it is rather thin, it has a nice drape and an acceptable weight.

Of course, as usual, Miss L. HATES new here a picture on the hanger...

I've made an extra belt (not ties from the same fabric because I hate making small tubes, they always end up as weird sausages...), I have used a big 8 hook knitting dolly for that (Strickliesl). I think this is the first time in about 20 odd years, that I've done something with a knitting dolly. :) But i quite like it.

The pattern was a pdf download from etsy. The assembly is not too difficult but I've had other pdf patterns where it was more idiot proof. Despite that, I've managed. :)
The instructions are clear and with lots of pictures, very suitable for beginners. The pattern itself is really easy and went together well. It's really just 5 pieces (and that's counting both sleeves...) but experience tells us... if it is more than one piece, you can do it wrong. What I LOVE about the sleeves it, that they are same same for both sides. So no right-left-right-what-oh-no-wrong-AGAIN-worries. I hate sleeves...
Anyway, I can recommend this pattern. :) (actually I think I might like one of those for myself, it looks really comfy!) And a but 60s. I will keep this in mind.

Have a lovely day! - Hertzwerk.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Trousers! more Trousers!

Wish I had trousers liket his... I love the the look!

I have completely and totally fallen in love with the Charles Pattern from compagnie-M - they ARE SO EASY! And quick! And great! And with an elastic in the back for comfort and fit. I love details like that. And because I just couldn't get enough, I made some more. I also had to make some more, because I put the first Charles trouser in the regular Wash, and that lovely woolen fabric - felted... shrunk... and fits a doll now... you see the picture... those pants used to be the same size. Before mummy came...
More Charles - green Tweed woll and rusty red fine stretchy corduroy.
Charles - one size 98,and the shrunk Charles on the right. *sob*

And then to round a nice sewing weekend off, I made another of my favourites - The minikrea Ballonbuks

my all time favourite - ballonbuks. with lining.

 And after that, I got a nasty cold... Well well well...
On the way to getting better now, so woopee, Christmas here we come, or so...


Friday, 31 October 2014

Charles Pants - autumn sun!!

Just in time for a bit of late summer (20 degrees!) I've finished the Charles pants in wool with herringbone pattern. :)

The Pattern is the Charles Pants Pattern by Compagnie-M (

Again, the pattern went well together, the size is correct and I really enjoyed working with it. I can really recommend it. What I LOVE about children's clothes is, how little fabric you need... just 70cms for these pants and a bit of scrap yellow cotton. Brilliant. :) (and again I am really jealous, I'd LOVE to have pants like these... maybe one day I manage to make them for myself...although given enough time I might shrink into them.... maybe...)

Here are some suboptimal pictures, but I think you get the gist. :)

Have a lovely Day and WOHOO; it's HALLOWEEN today!!! :)

- Hertzwerk

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Louisa Dress !

As Halloween is approaching and I had always searched for an excuse to get the Louisa Dress Pattern by Compagnie-M ( I finally got it and made this dress for Lucy. :) It is also the first time I made experiences with piping. I DO love the outcome. Maybe I should make a similar dress for myself? ;) Sorry the pictures are slightly overexposed. :)

Add caption

The dress is made from black cotton twill that was hanging around here, doing nothing. ;)
The dress is fully lined with thin curry coloured cotton/PE mix. I've followed the assembly intruction about 70%, but I altered the back (instructions were for a zipper, but i REALLY didn't feel like inserting an invisible zipper...) and set the lining a little different than in the instuctions. Not a big deal really. The pattern went together nicely. Compagnie M has a few really nice instant-download patterns on their homepage, I really like the designs, they are simple and practical and with that special "je ne sais quoi", a twist. The prices are about 7 Euros, but she gives discount if you order several patterns in one go.

Have a lovely halloween!


Picture Update:

The Child with the dress. :) she's a real UFO - unbelievablely fast object!