Sunday, 26 May 2013

A hedgehog hairdo - wig - 1780s/90s

Finally I have got around to having a go at a wig based hairdo. I have to tell you, I am not very gifted when it comes to hairdressing. As I experience, neither my own or false hair...
But I am rather happy with the outcome of the hedgehog hairdo, sort of late 1780s/90s.

Lady Arabella Ward, by George Romney, 1783-88. Widener Collection, National Gallery of Art.

Charles Chatillon: Unknown Lady in Woodland Scenery, ca 1795

George Romney Mary Chichester, Lady Clifford-Constable, 1789

What I did (in the end):
- buy a "lioness wig". I got mine from, the colour is 102, thats a "pearl platinum blond" according to their colour description chart.
- attach a mini-comb inside the wig (for more secure fit)
- 2 braids in the back, tied up in a sort of Prezel-shape
- make a mess of top hair and pin it up
- tie a decorative black ribbon around the explosion.

I've worn this for 16hrs and it worked ok. :)

side/back view

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