Monday 20 May 2019

Seasonal table May 2019

So.... although I had actually redecorated the seasonal table RIGHT on the 1st of May (Labour day being a public holiday and I didn't have to work) and I even took the picture right on that day - but putting it online took a bit of time again. Sorry about that.
The children have contributed stones they painted last year and have in the meantime added a bit of dried moss between them.

Enjoy Spring!

This month's postcard is very lovely by Elsa Beskow (again)

Monday 6 May 2019

Scroop Pattern Mahina Cardigan Pattern Test

One way of wearing the Mahina Cardigan is with lots of heavy books.
I have only blurred vision when I look over my glasses. 

Sometimes there are just these incredible coincidences ...
A while ago I got stuck in the door with the bottom edge of my favourite light wooly cardigan. And was looking for a new one and just didn't find one that was like that one. And then I tried mending (but you can still see the hole...) and was really sad - and suddenly Leimomi of Scroop Patterns looked for pattern testers for her Circle Cardigan she had blogged about a while a go (which I had admired so much already...) and how lucky I was to be one of her testers!*

 And then luck struck another time, because I was "just browsing" ebay for a woolly light fabric (not really expecting to find something, because I had quite specific ideas about what it should look like already...) - and found the perfect fabric: a light knit from wool and mohair (and a little bit of polyamid) in a dark brown. I admit I had hoped to find black, but a dark brown is as nice. And at a bargain price of just 7 Euros per meter! Was this meant to be?

But what about the pattern? There there...
It's brilliant! I think it is one of those patterns that enable you to make a basic cardigan that should be a staple in every wardrobe. Yes, really.

There are 4 different Views included in the pattern and more ideas for alternative views included, too. Also different ways of finishing the edge/binding are included, to you can finish the Cardigan to your heart's delight. :)
The instructions are very clear, very concise and if you just follow them trough there shouldn't be a problem. I really like Leimomi's way of explaining. The instructions have good diagrams and lead you from one step to the next.
The pattern fitting is somewhat unusual, because you are fitting the sleeves into the seamless fabric circle. So you have to "create" the shoulder and sleeves. It works a treat, though. And easy. This is really a "no fuss" pattern. I think I finished it in 1 hour.
The sizing is accurate and very inclusive (more on the bigger side, though, I cut the smallest size and still altered it to be a tad smaller).

Hop over to Scroop Patterns to get it:

Are you ready to see 12 more ways to wear the Mahina Cardigan? Here we go

Seriously me. 

Back view. You might see the back darts creating the shoulder line. Or maybe not. 

Minimalist style. I think a fibula would really look cool on the left shoulder.
A smile would probably do, too.

I'm a romantic! Chocolate. Please. 

I am ALSO a super hero! (also you can see how sheer the fabric is)

I am cute and cold and you can see my shoulders and
will you invite me for a cup of coffee? Pretty please?

Everyday me. This is what I really look like. 

What can I say. Reality. (Actually it's "let's go downtown", anyone know that joke?)

Trying to look adequately.

I made a bun. I am also wearing a rectangular version of the Mahina Cardigan.
This is where you should deliver the chocolate, ok?

See? It's rectangular. I used the selvage as the side finish.
My bun is messy and I am also featuring Ginger Jeans.

I think the back view is very pretty.
I also like standing in front of the wall, contemplating. 

*I was given this pattern for free for the pattern test and have used the test version. As for the final version, there might be changes to the pattern or the instructions. I am adamant, that all the uttered opinions are still my very own, and I was not required to say anything OR do any reviews or marketing whatsoever.