Saturday 30 August 2014

modern bears and meditative handicraft skills

This is Bina the Bear. I can't explain WHY i had the urge to learn how to crochet a bear, but while I was waiting for the buttons for the 1790s IMATEX jacket to arrive from China, I stumbled over this lovely little page and just HAD to make Bina the Bear.

I have never ever before done any crocheting before. And it is also not really connected to any historical period I've so far been entangled with... (apparently the first description of crocheting stuff appeared around the 1830s...says wikipedia...). But I wanted to make this bear, badly. And so I did.

Here's the result. I've learned how to crochet. I've learned how meditative it can be. I still have trouble with counting. Also my quality of crocheting varies heavily from day to day... resulting in the ears and arms being of different sizes... ah well... it's unique. :)
The pattern is 5.50 Euros, direct download. Instructions are available in many languages and they are very clear and easy with a slight sense of humour. I've immensely enjoyed this project and if you visit her homepage, look at Kira the kangaroo. SO sweet!!
I've used the yarns recommended in the pattern.