Historical Costumes

Here are a few pictures of a few of the historical costumes I made, worn by myself. 
Click on the images to get to the post about the garment (and more pictures). 

You can also follow this link to see posts about Events I've attended: Living History

Landgravine Anglaise 1775 (2015)

La Belle Chocolatière 1740s

La Belle Chocolatière 1740s

la belle chocolatiere (1740s)

Chardin Francaise 1740s (2014)

Zone Gown 1793 (C) Maren

Chateau de La Motte Tilly Chardin Francaise 1740s (C) Coltrane Koh

Chateau de la Motte Tilly (C) Coltrane Koh

Chateau de La Motte Tilly (C) Coltrane Koh

Chateau de La MOtte Tilly Janet Arnold riding habit (2013)

Chateau de la Motte-Tilly, Chardin Francaise (C) Coltrane Koh

laughing moon dore corset, 7/2013

v&a stays 1780s, 7/2013

kyoto anglaise en fourreau 1780s (JPR), 7/2013

1750s peasant woman (JPR, fleur de lyse), 7/2013

Bruchsal 5/13

Zeilitzheim 1763 (3/13)

Blitzdress Ettenbühl 5/12

Zeitstrasse Basel PI 460

1761 Wackershofen

1761 -JPR Jacket und La Fleur de Lyse Ensemble and cap

1761 Wackershofen

Llandwyn Island Celtic Cross
Period Impressions 464

Period Impressions 464

victorian bride


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