Thursday 17 March 2016

Preparing for {Dorothy Moore}

Taking your exact (i.e. honest...) measurements is essential to making your own clothes. Whether drafting patterns or altering them - you've go to know your measurements.

These are the measurements Dorothy Moore is working with for her pattern drafting course.

Before you take your measurements, think about what foundations you are going to wear with the garment you are going to draft - and then measure wearing those... (push-up)bra, shapewear, girdle, corset... they do make a difference...

Taking some of these measurements require a helping hand...  and an elastic band around the waist to indicate the waistline properly.

tie an elastic band around your waist and move around a bit so it settles were your natural waist is!

neckline is low, about where the collar bone is!

use elastic band at waist again

did I mention the elastic waistband?

CAVE: crotch measurement taken slightly angled to the front, not straight

then fill them in these sheets for better reference: