Monday 26 November 2018

November 2018 seasonal table

October goes November...

OK, I know, this is the October table picture - BUT November looks nearly the same.
Only 1. no dahlia 2. no lavender 3. the novembre grasset card. I ust so much liked those little girls, that I couldn't remove them. :) I promise some change for christmas, though! :)

Wednesday 21 November 2018

In the flow...

I found this on google search, no idea who made it... 

Something I've been doing for years (on and off) which I've never really blogged about is Yoga. I've done a few Yoga classes when I was travelling in Asia in 2007 and am mainly doing yoga at home. I enjoy the meditative flow of a good yoga program (I am using DVD's mainly) and sometimes have a look on Youtube for more inspiration or for more information on technique.

I am quite busy with working full time and 2 kids and a husband who I like to spend time with. And a few other hobbies... So I found I usually manage 15-20mins Yoga nearly every day, but 30 mins and more is a bit complicated. I usually manage that only once a week on a day off (if I don't have any other appointments or plans...). I dare say that for a lot of people that work full time, finding the actual time after a full days work, is the biggest problem.

So, after trying out a few DVD's, I thought, I'd share my experiences.

My main "go-to" DVD is Ursula Karven "Yoga Everday". It contains 7 practises, one for each day of the week. They are all about 15mins long and address a different topic (twisting, forward bends, balance etc) which I enjoy. I really like the diversity and the fact, that I can usually fit 15 mins yoga  into my day. Sometimes I do 2 practises. I have a DVD in German, the explanations are good, as far as I can see they show the Asanas quite well. I think this DVD is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced beginners as a nice "quickie".

Another DVD I really like is the Kino MacGregor "Ashtanga for Beginners". She offers a tutorial with details on the most important asanas, 3 Practises, each about 20mins long. And a "core practise" that is really challenging (feels like mixture between pilates and yoga). The 3 practises are made to built up on each other, so Practise one is for advanced beginners and if you've mastered that one you can continue. It looks a bit like a "best of" of the Ashtanga yoga primary series. She's talking a lot, but she's also giving an abundance of information to guide you through the practise and help you perform the asanas correctly. She gives examples for simplifying the asanas but builts up throughout the practise to show the "proper" positions. I personally like the abundance of information she gives, but it's a lot of talking.

I also started the "Yoga Del Mar" by Ursula Karven, I find it good, but it is a little longer than the above mentionned DVDs, so I hardly find the time to do it. But if you like a aprox. 45min power yoga session, this is good. there are two versions, one for beginners, one for advanced.

Another DVD by Ursula Karven "Core Yoga" is a very very gentle program. It's also several 20mins sessions and focusses on the core, it also includes a soft pilates practise. In my opinion, this is good for complete beginners, it is really gentle, but does built up. If you feel very stiff and have never done yoga, I'd say this is good and if you feel comfortable and at ease with this programm, continue to the "Yoga Everyday".

Pure beauty and strenght and more of a "wow, this is possible?!" than a DVD I could actually every follow as a practise, is David Swenson's "Ashtanga Primary Series". Just wow.

I strongly recommend Kino McGregors Youtube Channel, you can watch her perform the 1-4th Ashtanga series beautifully, strong and graceful and she offers great tutorials and yoga flows for all levels.

And now a DVD I didn't enjoy, because for my taste the flow was much too fast. Ursula Karven and Ralph Bauer "Power Yoga". The DVD itself is good, the music is nice, there are several people performing the yoga, from beginner to expert so you can see different levels and find your own way to get through the power yoga session. My main point of criticism is the incredible speed with which they go through the asanas. Explanations are short but precise but even on the lowest level of difficulty I felt rushed through the program (and strained my shoulder...). So maybe if you play it on half speed, it's ok, otherwise I find it too fast. But maybe that's just me. The choice of asanas is good.