Tuesday 6 December 2011

1787 Schloss Zeilitzheim

JPR Jacket
Einer illustren Gesellschaft um 1787/88 habe ich mich am ersten Dezemberwochenende anschliessen können. Hier ein paar erste Bilder. ;)

This first weekend of December I have joined an illustrous 1787/88 circle and these are the first few impressions. ;)

see some more pictures (not mine, please respect copyright!) here: Schloss Zeilitzheim weekend 1787/88

Sensibility Patterns Chemise a la Reine

JPR Anglaise en fourreau

by the way: the curls on top of my head are hairwefts, attached to a round piece of buckram (diameter about 3.4 inches), thise are rag-curled and then the natural hair is curled and poufed around. :)


  1. It looks like it was an amazing event. I love your gowns, especially the white one. They are beautiful. :)

  2. Sehr schöne, stimmige Bilder! Danke für's Zeigen.