Friday 18 January 2019

New Year Resolutions 2018 -> 2019

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We are well into 2019 already and apart from quite a lot of driving around and working, I have come to the conclusion, that I actually HAVE a few New Year resolutions. Usually my resolution is not to have any resolutions, because if you have to many plans, you just get frustrated because you didn't manage to "be good" that year.

Risking that frustration, I am going to try anyway.

Looking back at 2018 I think it's been quite good. Very busy, very ... undulating ... but good nevertheless.

I did however spend too much time online - reading, researching or just wasting time. Some of it was good, some of it was interesting, a lot of it just plain waste of time. So my resolution for htis year is, to use my computer time more wisely and thus use the time in the day more wisely. Because a lot of that internet time is literally virtually wasted.

So, I'm off!

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Seasonal table January 2019 (2)

After the 6th of January, when the 3 Holy Kings have reached the nativity scene, it is time to change to winter decoration. And that's what it is. Simple winter.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

2019 Sewing Plans

Of course I have plans for 2019!

Mostly "Leftover" wishes and plans from 2018, but also a few new plans. :)

- Another 2 pairs of jeans*** - this would be a priority... I'm running out of jeans... that fit... and I've still got some lovely non-stretch jeans fabric here. I might make another pair of black wide corduroy. (1x non-stretch jeans in broken twill #done,
1xblack corduroy and 1x black velvet corduroy)

- another pair of black linen trousers for summer (linen and viscose fabric ordered)

- comfy pants for the children (X-mas presents!)

Jeans shorts for summer...?! (has become #obsolete, because I actually found 2 pairs in a shop that fit me..., ah well...)

***- I also am keen on making another Jade Skirt  by Paprika Pattern. So wonderfully asymmetrical! Not a priority, but I'd love to make a black one... and I've still got some black satin jersey... (2x#done!!)

***- Maybe (still) a Dirndl for myself, using the same traditional techniques. Although that's not really a priority. Really not. Might still take a few years. :)

***- A woolen winter coat to replace the one that is falling apart... an "everyday winter coat" (that is actually a priority...) (# obsolete, I bought two coats last winter, so this is not a priorty any more...)

***- I could do with a proper swimsuit and/or bikini that fits... I have the Closet Case Bombshell pattern here, and I only have 1 Bikini that fits... (but at least I have one...) (#obsolete , I erm... I actually bought another 2 Bikinis for myself... so not a priority any more...)

- make a pillow cover from an old (favourite) t-shirt (that shrunk (?)...) and fabric from stash (fun "leftovers project...) - I "just" have to do it...

***- I also plan on making a hoodie for the natural minimalist in this household, who could absolutely do with a new pullover (#obsolete, we decided it is MUCH easier to buy a simple one...)

*** - also I would like to make a shirt with a massive cowl collar (check out's super cowl shirt; I ALSO really like their "love me 2 times sari simplicity" thingy ... would be nice to make that and dye it with natural dyes... some day...) - certainly all optional, not a priority

*** - I am really eyeing up that Wrapped Cardigan by Seamly - that could be an Autumn Project. Or maybe I take the pattern from a cardigan I've got, which I really really like. (Purely optional after making the Mahina Cardigan by Scroop Patterns)

***- I still need to make some black t-shirts... long and short sleeved - mine are slowly gowing thin from washing... or maybe something like the Bethioua Shirt... maybe self drafted... I made a simple toile already... just need to make another toile with bust darts... because "fit" and "you don't see darts on black and it looks better"...?! (#obsolete--- I have to admit... I bought a few black shirts...)

***- I am thinking about making leggings, I could so with some pyjama bottoms for winter though, so maybe I can combine that...  (I made a mock-up and fitted the pattern... and decided I don't urgently need leggings...) maybe yoga pants (with "Milchmonster Frida Pants")

***- I've got the fabric and all other material for another Satsuki Tunic and a Vogue 8728 dress... in black - still...

***- and I have this idea about a 1908 day dress... yes, after 5 years of not doing anything historical, I've got the itch again. I will have to start with the foundation work though. 

Comfy suit for Little Miss No 1 - (#done, picture to come at some point...)

***- Tango dress or Tango skirt/-Top made from black viscose jersey 

2019 Good (sewing) resolutions 

only sewing what I need
and ...still... using stash material up...

*** these are optional sewing projects with stuff I don't need but would like to make...*** obviously I don't need anything really, so all my sewing is optional...

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Seasonal table January 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you've had a good start into the year 2019. We were at neighbours and it was a nice relaxed and joyful start into the new year with nice food, nice wine, sparklers, watching the fireworks, singing and the kids were in a really good mood and managed to stay up until midnight! We all collapsed into our beds right after, though. :)
Our seasonal table this january is still occupied by the nativity scene, because the three kings haven't quite arrived yet, the christmassy green has gone though and enter this years monthly postcards by Elsa Beskow. I'm curious if I will manage to post the table every month this year (I think from 2018 only  3 months were missing..., not too bad?!)

I wish you all a good, peaceful und fulfilling Year 2019. May some wishes come true and may some stay something to reach for.