Monday 26 October 2015

1770s big hair - a wig tutorial

When I made this wig, I didn't take any pictures, unfortunately, because I wasn't even sure how it would turn out. It turned out well (I think) and now I am a bit annoyed I have no pictures for a proper tutorial. I did a few drawings instead and am trying to describe what I was doing and how. If there are any problems, just let me know, maybe I can explain better. Also for the moment I haven't got better pictures, but I promise to add them ASAP. I wanted to get the tutorial out as soon as possible. :)

Pictures with very silly big cap and sockets. :)

I've made the instructions on paper, you can view and download them as a pdf. :)

I have used

mesh wire
about 20x30cms
The holes are about 2-3cms (1 inch) wide

2 wigs (long hair, wavy or curly, no fringe; I have used lace front, but that's up to you; be careful with the colour, I have chosen something that is sort of similar to my own hair, and yes, it is synthetic.)

batting for the mesh wire "cage" (I used a piece of Vlieseline H640, because it was there. Just choose something that is softish to cover the "cage").

lots of pins
enormous amounts of hair spray and a bit of foam
lots of patience

You can find inspiration for hairdos on paintings and I found these drawings quite helpful.

As usual, I didn't copy anything in particular but just "absorbed" all the sources and then made something up that I think works for the 1770s. I have to admit though, that I might have looks at mid 20th century hairdos, I don't know why, I think I have made a set of victory rolls there... I like anachronisms though. And again it shows how much we are children of our own time...

I hope the tutorial is helpful, if you have any questions, just leave a comment below. 

wearing experience: after wearing the wig for an entire evening, I now know, why posture was so essential "back then". Despite my wig being very well secured to my head and reasonably well balanced, it does have quite a bit of weight and being a rather lively person (pulling faces, turning my head quickly ....) I felt it forced me to move more ... elegant... and slower... and while it suited the evening and the whole ensemble (the "Landgravine Anglaise"), I wouldn't want to wear it on a daily basis. I am too 21st century. ;)

Monday 5 October 2015

With Flying Colours...!!!

 My dear readers,

today I would like to share with you the work of an incredibly talented and lovely lady, who is making superb accessories for historical reenactment, that will make the difference between "nice" and "wow". Everything is really well researched and tested on Germans. Believe me.:) Visit her on her facebook page: Flying Colours

Everything is handmade in Germany, but postage is no problem. Come and enjoy a few pictures of her work.

You need a walking stick? Something like this?

Walking Cane modelled after 18 century fashion
pewter knob and wooden cane with mahagony/shellack finish
130cm 60€

She does custom knobs, too. ;)

top of handpainted walking stick

Maybe you are reclining in the shade on a hot day... and need a fan?

Or you need a miniature of your beloved?

or just a caring eye?

important things in a nutshell

(reconstruction from actual historical piece!)
store your little thingys in style

threading nicely!

there is no reason why you shouldn't do your writing in pure style, either!

(more designs available)
you wouldt want to hide this ink! And i'm sure it improves handwriting, too!
Ah, you're more reading-type of person... authentically no problem! Super bookmarks!

to plan your next field trip....

or a night cat

have a historical cup of coffee or tea (with excellent sense of humour!)

or make a stand with these regency ladies!

Again: check her fb page
or get in touch with her for custom orders. oh, and you know what? Not only you get unique items at really good prices and you support a craftswoman with know-how and love for her work. Like and share her page if you like what you see and spread the word! Thank you!