Thursday 2 January 2020

2020 sewing plans

Oh hello 2020, you already here?

So, what became of the 2019 sewing projects?

I have to admit, I didn't do much sewing in 2019. Because of work and family time I didn't have much time left for sewing so I reduced it to what needed to be done. And I also didn't need that much really. And it was good the way it was.

- I made some jeans/trousers (Ginger Jeans Pattern and pattern taken from old linen trousers), also for summer, which was good and useful.
- I made the Mahina Cardigan as part of the Scroop Pattern Pattern test. Which was great.
- I made some Jade Skirts from Paprika Patterns, which was a great quick and easy project.
- And I made another Otari hoodie (Scroop Patterns).
- And my biggest project was a tango dress (which I still need to write about, otherwise nobody will believe it actually exists...)
- Oh, and I managed to make comfy pants for myself, too. I also use them for yoga.

I managed to make some clothes for the kids (comfy suit and comfy pants).

The Satsuki Dress and the Vogue Dress 8728 are STILL waiting to be made.

Initially I had wanted to make a winter coat and t-shirts as well as Jeans shorts and a cardigan, but I happened to be able to buy all of those so I didn't have to make them, which was good because I didn't really have that much time for sewing this year.  I also didn't manage to make a pullover for my natural minimalist. Also the idea of a dress for dancing is still only an idea, because making the actual mock-up is going to be so time consuming, that there is no way at the moment, that I can make it.

My historical sewing ("Project 1908") is still on hold because of lack of time and patience (a lot of research work still needs to be done before I can even start with the foundations...)

My modest Sewing Plans 2020

- Really really using up stash material.

- Pumpkin dress (Heidi and Finn) for the girls

- Satsuki Tunic (Victory patterns)

- Vogue 8728 dress

- 2 ginger jeans (fabric already cut!) (Closet Case Patterns)

- pillow cover from old t-shirt

- maybe yoga trousers (if necessary) (Milchmonster Mama Frida or Lolle Longlegs by Katjuschka)

- Bethioua shirt (Ellepuls)

- another tango dress (already cut!)

- Bronte shirt short sleeved (Jennifer Lauren)

Oh, and I've got sooo many dreams about sewing... but well get to that when these 10 plans have been put into action.

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