Monday 12 August 2019

Cocoon cardigan pattern


I am a big fan of cardigans/shrugs that are easy to wear and easy to make. So here is a pattern for a crochet cocoon cardigan, of you want to go all the way.

BUT you can also take a shortcut and just take and kind of fabric that you seem suitable to be used/seen from both sides. E.g. a wool knit or a punto di roma jersey or a heavier wool knit  - whatever works for you. Just keep in mind that the inside will be seen and the weight of the fabric will determine the drape of the cardigang. Anything goes though.

You need a rectangle. The instructions call for 91x101cm (37"x40") but you can see what you like best. And you need some fabric for the cuffs. you can make them longer or thin, you can omit them completely and leave a wider opening (just add some bias tape to finish the edge). Anything goes.

And then put the fabric together the same way the cochetes rectangle would be put together.

That's it!