Saturday 23 March 2013

Zeilitzheim 1763 - Treaty of Paris

(C) Claudia Behnke
1763 - The Seven Years War is finally over and the Treaty of Paris has been signed. Enough to travel to Zeilitzheim and celebrate in the more than pleasant company of fellow costumers. I am quite good at escaping the camera so again there is little evidence of my activities... but here's what I've got so far:

(C) Claudia Behnke

I just can't help wriggling around... due to that fact my pinner cap was all over the place... ;)

I had the please to wear the riding habit of the wonderful Mme du Jard.

Monday 18 March 2013

The Walpole Francaise - 1750-70s

I have finished the Robe a la Francaise in the 1750s-70s style. I have followed the JPRyan pattern for the Pet-en-l'air/Robe a la Francaise. The pattern itself was very precise sizewise and ran rather short (upper length) which means I didn't have to make big adjustments there.
JP Ryan Pattern
 My inspiration was this painting by Gainsborough of Maria Walpole. I am not a big big fan of lacy, chantilly-like decoration, so I opted for a plain black stomacher, and less laces at the sleeves, my sleeves flounces are plain black silk tafetta, as the rest of the robe. I am not sure about how much decoration is on the robe itself (in the painting, that is) and again I decided for the plain silk taffetta. I like the way the light is reflected on it and the back pleats should be the center of attention anyway (imho).

Gainsborough "Maria Walpole" 1763

Thursday 7 March 2013

Walpole Francaise - 1

Here's some small pictures from the Walpole Francaise ensemble. I have finished the Pinner Cap (following Rocking Horse Farm pattern #184, very easy!), entirely made by hand from thin white cotton fabric. And a little teaser picture from the Walpole Francaise.