Tuesday 15 October 2019

Seasonal table October 2019

I actually did have this ready in time for the first of October but it's been really busy here so the picture had to wait. All around us the colours of the leaves are changing and it's been a beautiful October so far. We've been flying kites and collecting leaves and are currently enjoying a warm weather situation with temperatures up to 26 degrees celsius!
We've also found an awful lot of fly agarics and other mushrooms that didn't look edible but very pretty. And on another walk we discovered stone age caves that people were using as a shelter about 13000 years ago! Amazing! (obviously we didn't discover them first, but it was a first for us...)

And I find this month's Elsa Beskow calender leaf most endearing!

Monday 14 October 2019

Being compassionate

Don't let a single day pass without trying to be compassionate! 

Even if it is not easy. An interesting and personal essay about what compassion is and what it isn't and about a little bit of buddhism. And about trying and failing. And trying.