Monday, 14 October 2019

Being compassionate

Don't let a single day pass without trying to be compassionate! 

Even if it is not easy. An interesting and personal essay about what compassion is and what it isn't and about a little bit of buddhism. And about trying and failing. And trying. 


  1. Thank you for directing us to the article about compassion in Psych Today. It was thought-provoking and I haven't really gotten my head around it. The homelessness example is one I meet nearly daily in our town, and like the writer, am conflicted about it. Still, will be reading up more on compassion and how a person can practice it -- over and over --

    Thanks again,
    Natalie in KY

    1. Hello Natalie,
      Thank you for your comment. I also found the article very inspiring and I am happy that you like it. I think as long as we are trying to make ourselves better people and the world a better place, we are on the right way. No matter how much we stumble.