Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Seasonal table October 2019

I actually did have this ready in time for the first of October but it's been really busy here so the picture had to wait. All around us the colours of the leaves are changing and it's been a beautiful October so far. We've been flying kites and collecting leaves and are currently enjoying a warm weather situation with temperatures up to 26 degrees celsius!
We've also found an awful lot of fly agarics and other mushrooms that didn't look edible but very pretty. And on another walk we discovered stone age caves that people were using as a shelter about 13000 years ago! Amazing! (obviously we didn't discover them first, but it was a first for us...)

And I find this month's Elsa Beskow calender leaf most endearing!

Monday, 14 October 2019

Being compassionate

Don't let a single day pass without trying to be compassionate! 

Even if it is not easy. An interesting and personal essay about what compassion is and what it isn't and about a little bit of buddhism. And about trying and failing. And trying. 

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Live your life virtuously!

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

I'm interested in what factors contribute to a happy or content life. I think I've established quite well, that I don't believe in shopping to be a safe and reliant source for happiness. A couple of days ago I stumbled across the "Six-factor Model of Psychological Wellbeing" by Carol Ryff. So thought I'd share it with you.

a quick overview http://livingmeanings.com/six-criteria-well-ryffs-multidimensional-model/ (also other interesting stuff, food for thought and inspiration for further reading)
Further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicomachean_Ethics

Original articles:


Monday, 2 September 2019

Seasonal table September 2019

September has begun, this time the meteorological beginning of autumn is also on the 1st of September and I managed to put up the table in time AND get it online in the beginning of September, too. :) Yes, I know, there are no flowers in that little vase, but I am waiting for the children to find some.

The nights are certainly becoming  a little chillier, even if daytime temperature can still be up to 32°C. I am looking forward to "Zwetschgenkuchen", which is one of my favourite (it's a special kind of plum, but basically it is plum cake with crumble...). In fact there is one in the oven as I am writing this. :)

The Else Beskow card for this month reminds me of our little apple tree, which is already (despite being quite a young tree) growing a few apples. We've been cutting the hedge and everywhere you find little hints at autumn coming. But for the moment, we are enjoying a warm and pleasant late summer.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Seasonal Table August 2019

Wow, this took a looong time to go online! Although I had even managed to put it up on the 2nd of August. Anyhow, that's what out August table looked like. :)

And isn't the Elsa Beskow monthly card most adorable?

Monday, 12 August 2019

Cocoon cardigan pattern

from https://www.mooglyblog.com/hygge-cocoon-cardigan/

I am a big fan of cardigans/shrugs that are easy to wear and easy to make. So here is a pattern for a crochet cocoon cardigan, of you want to go all the way.

BUT you can also take a shortcut and just take and kind of fabric that you seem suitable to be used/seen from both sides. E.g. a wool knit or a punto di roma jersey or a heavier wool knit  - whatever works for you. Just keep in mind that the inside will be seen and the weight of the fabric will determine the drape of the cardigang. Anything goes though.

You need a rectangle. The instructions call for 91x101cm (37"x40") but you can see what you like best. And you need some fabric for the cuffs. you can make them longer or thin, you can omit them completely and leave a wider opening (just add some bias tape to finish the edge). Anything goes.

And then put the fabric together the same way the cochetes rectangle would be put together.

That's it!


Sunday, 7 July 2019

Fast Fashion, Consumerism and Costumes

In Germany, people buy 60 items of clothing each year and 20% aren't worn once.

If you understand German, here is an interesting discussion about fast fashion.


And what does this have to do with costumes... well, I am in a bit of a crisis with my costume sewing - while I would very much like to do some historical sewing ("Project 1908"), I wonder, whether it is not a pure waste of resources. On the other hand I learn so many new techniques and about fitting from it, that it probably does help me and maybe one IS allowed to have a little bit of a hobby...? But: Make it count! Good quality fabrics, no rushing over a project, no shortcuts.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Seasonal table July 2019

This month I really tried putting everything out in time (both the table and the picture online). :) 
The Spring Flower girl now really went to bed, with temperatures near to 40°Celsius it was not really refreshing anymore. Like in the postcard picture the hay is being brought in and the poppies and lilies are flowering. Elsewhere... the poppy in our garde  decided to vanish entirely... ah well... some other plants are suffering from ... "something" like our Deutzia, which was growing perfectly well until ... the day before yesterday. Maybe it's just the heat... 

Isn't Elsa Beskow's July "garden helper" painting cute??

Monday, 17 June 2019

Seasonal table June 2019

 So, as surprisingly as always, June is already more than half way over... and despite being in time with putting up the table, I didn't take a picture ...

We had quite a heavy wind these past few days and my lovely roses were bent under the rain and the storm.... so I cut them and now we have them in the flat. (the same actually happened to my peonies, so we had a wonderful peony bouquet on the dining table for about a week... it was beautiful, although they would have been beautful outside, too). One side effect of garden flowers is, that lots of ants seems to live in them and the children keep finding them crawing on the table (and "rescue" them... some even make it...)

Although the little flower child is a spring child really, we wanted her to be on the table still, because she is sooo cute!

In the background a postcard with Elsa Beskow's "June". It couldn't be more apt.