Monday 20 January 2020

Mobiles, Software and Batteries

I am so annoyed with technical "Progress" at the moment. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile which works fine, I've had it for years. Apart from a new battery and the eventual restart, it didn't need anything. But now, slowly but surely, Apps don't recognize my mobile anymore. The model is not "supported". Or they are getting slower and slower to the extent, that I can't use them any more. So despite the fact that I don't really want a new mobile and despite the fact that technically it is working ok, it seems after so many years you just can't use them any more without getting annoyed. I mean - I am not trying to get to the moon with it or anything that really required advanced technology. I am just trying to use a wheather app and an online family organizer.

" I don't believe it!!! "

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