Wednesday 3 June 2020

Two years after the Make and Mend Challenge

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Another year has passed, the second one after my really strict "Make and Mend" challenge. But why keep track of the things I purchase for myself? 

- Because after publishing the post about the purchases the year after "make and mend" (ie a year ago), I was really shocked, how much I had bought! Lots of fabric for "fun sewing projects" and I counted 21 items I really didn't need at all (the *-things). So that is nearly 2 things a month that I didn't really need. In my defence: I did wear/use most of those clothes/items. But still. The most dispensable items were probably the bracelets I hardly wear. And two bras that don't really fit perfectly. A few other sewing projects with stuff i didn't really need... which puts me in a bit of a conflict - I really like sewing clothes, but there is the point, where all of our wardrobes are saturated...! I didn't even manage to make what I intended to make... that is a bit annoying.

So I decided to collect another year and see, how I am doing... 

What I bought

6 tank tops
2 t-shirts black
4 pair jeans shorts (two different sizes, I went a bit up and down size-wise this year...)
1 pair of Marlene trousers (summer trousers)
1 sports bra

2 eye shadow base
1 mascara
1 pair of glasses (proper ones, not sunglasses)

2 books for work
1 backpack (doubles as work bag)
6 pairs of compression socks for work

(*)7 pairs of ballet slippers (I dance every week, they were on offer so I bought a few more than actually needed right that moment...)
*2 bras (I have a "bra thing" obviously...)
*1 shrug
*2 eye shadow
*1 pair of shoes (that broke 20min after wearing them?! The PU faux leather top came crumbling  off!! that was the price for buying shoes I didn't need... at least I was reimbursed)
*1 book on baking (french pastry...)
*2 pairs of dancing shoes (second hand)
* hotfix stick and black stones for it

fabric for
- 2 pairs black trousers "jeans cut" ( Ginger Jeans, corduroy)
- 1 pair summer trousers (linen viscose mix)
- children comfy pants (christmas presents!)
- comfy pants for myself
- 3 t-shirts
- test fabric for leggings, shirt, a dress
- sequined fabric for 2 dresses

What I made
wool felt ball decoration
3 comfy pants for children (Frida by Milchmonster)
1 comfy pants for myself (Mama Frida by Milchmonster)
Jade skirt (by Paprika Patterns)
2 Sequined black Tango dress (own pattern and adaption of Twister Dress by apfelblüte)

What I mended
6 Tops (ok... I just shortened the straps)
Bikini Top Child No. 2
adjust Marlene trousers
woolen pullover (MOTHS!)

What went out
4 tank top (holes, fabric washed superthin)
7 t-shirts short and long sleeved (weird deodorant bobbles that won't come out in the wash any more  and holes)
2 Shirts I stopped wearing and really won't wear anymore
1 pair of shoes (the ones that basically broke after 20mins of wearing them, first I wanted to cover them in black glitter, but it would have meant to first brush/scrape off the entire surface of faux leather (because it was crumbling off and would not be a good base for anything) and then invest in lots and lots of black glitter and glue... and I just couldn't see myself wearing black glitter loafer sort of shoes... really...)

* marks things I didn't really need...

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