Wednesday 27 March 2019

Jade Skirt(s) - Paprika Patterns

For whatever reason - I look "not amused" -
although i LOVE the skirt and the pattern

I've been looking at this pattern for ages and recently I've started dancing again and had absolutely NOTHING to wear... ahem... no, seriously, as I've not been dancing for about 10 years, the stuff I was wearing back then just doesn't exist any more (apart from the shoes, they are still brilliant...). So I decided a skirt from knit fabric is just the right thing for summer. Perfect occasion to make Paprika Patterns Jade Skirt.

I think it's a brilliant pattern. I made the version without a zipper (although I even had one here...). I started with a Mini version in purple, meant as a sort of (very) wearable muslin. And then I made a Midi length in a teal colour. ... and then I remembered that lovely black satin stretch fabric in the cellar... and made another one. And then, because I just couldn't get enough, I made one from black Punto di Roma. And didn't blog about it for a year. :) 

This is me, in a skirt. Hilarious. 

Absolutely nothing happens, when I lift my arms.
So why not do it?

I made a few mistakes (which wasn't the patterns fault), the biggest one being catching a few of those folds while sewing them to the lining, but as it was just a few stitches and didn't really show, I didn't bother to unpick my lightning stitch. Next time I will definitely take more care. Everything else went really smoothly, the instructions are precise and not fussy. I planned to make the zipper version on the Midi length one, but as it was no problem getting into the Mini skirt, I didn't bother. It might be a different matter altogether, if you use a more sturdy fabric. I used a light to medium weight (more on the light side) 95% cotton 5% elasthane knit - it was the same fabric just in different colors. I imagine a more sturdy fabric might need the zipper. I don't think the skirt needs a much thicker fabric though, because of all the layering even lighter jersey knit gets a bit of "substance" - because of the pleating and the lining, there are 6 layers of fabric in a few places!! 

I've also read, that some people use interfacing on the waistband (which probably then requires the zipper version). It might look a bit more "substancial" with interfacing, as I usually wear a shirt over my dress and my fabric has a good recovery, I didn't try that. I certainly wouldn't recommend a flowy fabric like viscose or rayon or a very thin knit, it doesn't work for this pattern. It's meant to have a bit of weight. 

rock'n'roll satin - and a silly face

Making the (first) skirt took me two evenings: one evening to tape the pattern together and wash and dry the fabric (never forget prewashing!) and one evening to copy the pattern in my size and cut and sew it. Easy as pie! I especially like the fact, that the seams are wedged between lining and outer fabric, which gives the whole thing a really nice finish. You can also use the pattern pieces fo the lining as a pattern for a simple knit fabric mini or midi skirt. :)

Paprika Patterns are great, it's a bit different, totally practical and lots of tips and hints and helps and videos on the homepage. I find the instructions very clear and the graphics in the instructions well made. Great Pattern!

I love it! Totally love it!! It is soooo comfy and I think it looks great!

PS: Having the pictures taken took me more than 12 months... I have worn them a lot in all sorts of weather, definitely one of my favourite clothes!!! The black version also looks great with strangely coloured or patterned tights. I think. :) 
Pattern: 12 US Dollars (about 10,50 Euros), download
Fabric and notions: purple 20 euros, teal 25 Euros, black satin - from stash, black 15 Euros; yarn 7,50 Euros

(For the Mini skirt in size 2 (waist) to size 4 (hips) I need 1,2m fabric (but that's quite tight, I would buy 140cm next time. Width of the fabric was 150cm. 

Friday 22 March 2019

Twister Dress Disco Ball

Before I tell you how easy and quickly to assemble this dress is, I have to admit a few things

1. I like making things again that went well before.
2. I have the urge to make more twister dresses.
3. I made this dress as a friend's birthday present.
4. After seeing the pictures, I am SO tempted to keep it (but I won't)
5. I might make a disco-ball twister dress for myself
6. I like assymmetrical things.

Anyhow, I used a stretchy velvety fabric that had the sequins mounted (I would love to see the machine that puts sequins on fabric...) and just followed the instructions for the ingenious Twister Dress by Apfelblüte:

I LOVE the pattern. It is SO extremely easy and so fast to put together. I would say, if you manage to put a pdf pattern together without too much trouble, you can make this dress in no time. It takes about 1 hour to make. With cutting and making small adjustments. I made the neck opening a little wider and the long sleeve a little tighter. I also prefer wearing the longer sleeve at 3/4 length, but I wear it pushed up, I didn't shorten the sleeve).

You can see more examples on the burda page and also a great batty version here:

Here is another view

And just in case you ask yourself, what to do with a disco ball dress like that - listen to this music!

Friday 8 March 2019

Seasonal table March 2019

I even managed to get the table done ont he 1st of March - only putting the picture online took aaages. As usual. :)

And yes, that's an incense holder you can see there. We do love our nag champa, it's Goloka and Super Hit (Satya) that we like best at the moment. Strong stuff though, we need to air the place a bit while lighting it. :)

The postcard is from Elsa Beskow, depicting "March". Nature here is a bit more advanced that in Scandinavia, so it seems a bit late. On the other hand - we still get cold nights and Father Frost is still sort of here. And up in the hills, there is still snow, too!

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Jeans zipper issues!!!

picture is from, but mine looked similar... teeth just came out... but it was an "opti" zipper

I've made 5 Ginger Jeans/trousers in the past 12 months (which I will try to share soon, I promise...), and you wouldn't believe it - but in 2 of those pairs, the zipper broke (like pictured above) - some teeth just came out of the zipper band. Suuuuper annoying, especially as I don't have other jeans anymore and they fit really well and so so much work went into it...

So I had to fix the jeans (with ykk zipper, I hope that will last a while...). I basically just ripped the old zipper out and squeezed the new zipper in place and attached it.

I HATE mending zippers (in sort of brand new jeans...), but it was totally worth the hassle. I still love the fit of my Ginger Jeans!