Friday, 8 March 2019

Seasonal table March 2019

I even managed to get the table done ont he 1st of March - only putting the picture online took aaages. As usual. :)

And yes, that's an incense holder you can see there. We do love our nag champa, it's Goloka and Super Hit (Satya) that we like best at the moment. Strong stuff though, we need to air the place a bit while lighting it. :)

The postcard is from Elsa Beskow, depicting "March". Nature here is a bit more advanced that in Scandinavia, so it seems a bit late. On the other hand - we still get cold nights and Father Frost is still sort of here. And up in the hills, there is still snow, too!

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Jeans zipper issues!!!

picture is from, but mine looked similar... teeth just came out... but it was an "opti" zipper

I've made 5 Ginger Jeans/trousers in the past 12 months (which I will try to share soon, I promise...), and you wouldn't believe it - but in 2 of those pairs, the zipper broke (like pictured above) - some teeth just came out of the zipper band. Suuuuper annoying, especially as I don't have other jeans anymore and they fit really well and so so much work went into it...

So I had to fix the jeans (with ykk zipper, I hope that will last a while...). I basically just ripped the old zipper out and squeezed the new zipper in place and attached it.

I HATE mending zippers (in sort of brand new jeans...), but it was totally worth the hassle. I still love the fit of my Ginger Jeans!