Saturday 17 August 2013

lime sorbet with vodka

Not at all linked to costuming but if you are at all into making yummy things, you HAVE to try this. It is a simple yet VERY good recipe for lime sorbet I got from my sister-in-law.

500g sugar
750ml water
8 limes (finely grated zest and juice)

heat the water slowly and add the sugar, stir and heat until it is dissolved (doesn't require boiling), then add the lime juice and zest (I strongly recommend hot yet not too hot water/sugar, so the lime taste is not destroyed), it is hot enough when you have just nicely dissolved the sugar. stir well. Pour it into a container that can be put into the freezer (I've used a square IKEA plastik thingy). leave to cool for a bit, then put it into the freezer. You can stir occasionally to check the "freeze-state", but you can also just leave it there over night. Then take a nice amount and put it into a glass bowl, add about 2cl of Vodka (we found Grasovska works really well with it, but you can also try other vodka or gin or whatever you prefer) and enjoy.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Joyous summer break! pictures! yay!

Although I've not been sewing these past few months, I DO have something to show to you! it's picture time! On my small but very wonderful summer break my favourite of all photographers has taken some picture of me in historical dresses. I think they turned out nicely and I hope you enjoy them a tiny bit, too! ;)

Here some pictures of the 1750s peasant women outfit Tje Jacket is JP Ryan, though. ;)

The star-money...

...and this goes here, and that there, and there's SO much chaos!

Next is my black silk taffetta Francaise with stomacher, the 1750s Walpole Francaise
I've had some trouble putting the pinner cap on (and keeping it on my head...) due to the sea air blowing, so in the end I decided instead of struggling with it I'll just go totally wild and take it off. Golly!

A ship! There!

I am so NOT good at Ballet dancing.... but watch the nice Watteau back!

ALSO I have some lovely pictures of my Kyoto Anglaise en fourreau 
I just LOVE that fabric! Also featuring: the hedgehog hairdo


...and I will SO go into this green wall of reed and you can just watch my lovely en fourreau  backside! ;)

Just showing off my 1780s V&A stays but I DO like them and they are SO comfy!! Quite good take of the hedgehog hairdo, too. ;)

last but not least a few dainty Victorian pictures of my Laughing moon corset (the dore) and a simple victorian outfit (that I haven't made myself, I have to admit). Sorry, not hat. Forgot about that.

 reminds me a bit of this picture by Manet "nana"

Well, that's toodlepip for now, keep sewing!