Monday 29 May 2017

DIY Mobile recharging holder thingy.

Don't get distracted by the many switches. It's about the felt pocket.

As you can see from the picture, it is a good thing, I'm not in advertising. I don't even know what to call this. Mobile recharging pocket from felt?
Anyway, I've been a bit fed up with the cable-mobile-lying around thing and stumbled over a box with felt in the cellar and remembered I actually had seen something like this for sale (for about 5 Euros... but why buy something when you can make it yourself?!). So I made this. I found out there are lots of tutorials to make these online, but here you go, this is my pattern. 

The entire piece is 38,7cm x 10,5 cm big, the felt is about 3mm thick. (15,23" x 4,13", thickness 0,12"). The width is exactly half of an A4 sheet, it's a bit longer, though. 
If your piece of felt is big enough you can cut and fold the pattern on the dotted lines. If not, you can make up to 3 pieces (cutting and extra "pocket piece" and an extra "enforcement piece" for the top). Don't forget to cut a small hole at the bottom (or if you don't fold the bottom over, just leave the seam open about 2cm for the cable). Then just stitch around everything - fini. 

This prototype (which is fully functional, so I doubt I will make more of them, unless asked) is just plain, but you could add a label on the front pocket, or insert it into the side seam. You can use different colour felt or pieces in different colours. You could use contrast coloured yarn (maybe extra thick?) or paint it, or embroider something on it. Or do some appliqué. You can add an extra pocket for the cable (on the front or the back or both) and you could add a press-stud at the very top and the very bottom to take it with you and not loose the cables. You can lengthen it if you want to include your mobile in that pocket. You can widen it or make it smaller if your mobile is smaller than mine (it fits a Samsung Galaxy S3 fine). Ahh, the possibilities!

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Irregular posts

Oh my gosh and golly, we are right in the middle of May already!
Temperatures are rising (as hig as 29degrees Celsius this week) an while spring is definitely here, we even get a glimpse of summer. 

Apart from working all sorts of funny hours, i did have a week of holiday and a few days off - and didn't write a single blog post. 

We have been busy in the garden and just spending time outside with the kids so I didn't do much sewing, or other DIY stuff (apart from painting our tiny shed, which isn't really worth a post...) and I also think i am going to spare you pictures of emtpy plantbeds where we are impatiently waiting for things to grow. We've got quite a few tiny first leaves of carrots, radices, basil, koriander, parsley, courgette, pumpkin and nasterium, and a few where I have completely forgotten what it was... 

I've started growing a teepee but so far it is not ready yet so the blogpost will have to wait. We are also trying to make the lawn look better (quite a few bald patches...) but again, I don't think posting pictures of grass growing (or not) is majorly interesting. 

I have 3 sewing project waiting (for months) and some more sewing ideas but the joy of gardening has completely got me. :) 

So, coming up next, soon(ish):
- the end of my make and mend challenge - 365 days no shopping (including a few confessions)
- growing a teepee
- hopefully sewing projects for kids and myself (yay!)