Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Jeans zipper issues!!!

picture is from, but mine looked similar... teeth just came out... but it was an "opti" zipper

I've made 5 Ginger Jeans/trousers in the past 12 months (which I will try to share soon, I promise...), and you wouldn't believe it - but in 2 of those pairs, the zipper broke (like pictured above) - some teeth just came out of the zipper band. Suuuuper annoying, especially as I don't have other jeans anymore and they fit really well and so so much work went into it...

So I had to fix the jeans (with ykk zipper, I hope that will last a while...). I basically just ripped the old zipper out and squeezed the new zipper in place and attached it.

I HATE mending zippers (in sort of brand new jeans...), but it was totally worth the hassle. I still love the fit of my Ginger Jeans!

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