Friday, 22 March 2019

Twister Dress Disco Ball

Before I tell you how easy and quickly to assemble this dress is, I have to admit a few things

1. I like making things again that went well before.
2. I have the urge to make more twister dresses.
3. I made this dress as a friend's birthday present.
4. After seeing the pictures, I am SO tempted to keep it (but I won't)
5. I might make a disco-ball twister dress for myself
6. I like assymmetrical things.

Anyhow, I used a stretchy velvety fabric that had the sequins mounted (I would love to see the machine that puts sequins on fabric...) and just followed the instructions for the ingenious Twister Dress by Apfelblüte:

I LOVE the pattern. It is SO extremely easy and so fast to put together. I would say, if you manage to put a pdf pattern together without too much trouble, you can make this dress in no time. It takes about 1 hour to make. With cutting and making small adjustments. I made the neck opening a little wider and the long sleeve a little tighter. I also prefer wearing the longer sleeve at 3/4 length, but I wear it pushed up, I didn't shorten the sleeve).

You can see more examples on the burda page and also a great batty version here:

Here is another view

And just in case you ask yourself, what to do with a disco ball dress like that - listen to this music!

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