Monday 13 January 2020

Winter wool ball flowers...

A while ago I had seen a lovely piece of decoration with some sticks and pompoms on top, which looked like little frozen snowball-flower-thingys. So first I thought I could just also do some pompoms, because I lived under the impression, I had some white felting-wool leftover somewhere. Well, there are either still somewhere - or I haven't got them anymore. Both is possible. Anyhow, I also was given some wool fleece, which I then decided to needle-felt into little woolen balls, then collect some straight sticks with the kids and tadaaa... finished.

It really didn't take much time to make these 5 balls, but I did manage to stab myself about 6 times, and gosh, those felting needles are sharp, it only starts bleeding first and hurst afterwards! I'm impressed. I was not really impressed by the combination of white wool and red blood though... not very winterly peaceful... :) I did manag to make 5 unstained ones in the end, miraculously. :)

I really like them, even if I have to admit, they are a little random and serve no real purpose but it was a fun thing to make. :)

Edit: The felting wool did turn up in the end to I made a few pompons with the kids (all sorts of colours). They are all made from felting wool, the white ones I sort of felted with water and soap and the green one is "as it is".

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