Monday 6 January 2020

The return of "stuffocation"

The return of stuffocation. Who would have though... After all my efforts to keep "stuff" out and surfaces empty and my "make and mend challenge" and getting rid of one thing in case a new item finds its way into our house. Yes. I am stuffocating again. Why? Well.... there is one room, that I've not talked about and that's been a "leftover" of the past, despite moving house and all - the cellar. Crypt of the unexpected. Doom of order. Place of no space. Area without visible floor. Yes, that's our cellar.

When we moved into the new flat in 2016, we had really tried to get rid of as many things as possible before - de-stuffi-fy. Does that word exist? If not, it ought to. But, truth is, I am a hoarder. Plus: Having children that grow and march through different development stages, leave traces. I have at least 6 boxes full of old baby clothes. Oh... and fabrics... yes, I know, fabrics mature... but you know another thing? - Some just get old and manky. That's the ones that weren't great in the first place. And then just hang around.

So: Hello 2020 and Heeelloooo, cellar! We are going to spend a lot of time with each other. Whish me luck. I feel the serious danger of disappearing forever between boxes and stuff.

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