Monday 18 March 2013

The Walpole Francaise - 1750-70s

I have finished the Robe a la Francaise in the 1750s-70s style. I have followed the JPRyan pattern for the Pet-en-l'air/Robe a la Francaise. The pattern itself was very precise sizewise and ran rather short (upper length) which means I didn't have to make big adjustments there.
JP Ryan Pattern
 My inspiration was this painting by Gainsborough of Maria Walpole. I am not a big big fan of lacy, chantilly-like decoration, so I opted for a plain black stomacher, and less laces at the sleeves, my sleeves flounces are plain black silk tafetta, as the rest of the robe. I am not sure about how much decoration is on the robe itself (in the painting, that is) and again I decided for the plain silk taffetta. I like the way the light is reflected on it and the back pleats should be the center of attention anyway (imho).

Gainsborough "Maria Walpole" 1763

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