Wednesday, 12 March 2014

1725 - 1750 Stays blue and white Philamuseum

 Finally here they are, my new stays!!!

Although a couple of years ago I had sort of sworn to myself that I won't be making stays again... I've done it again. Mainly because if you think about it, after you've put so much energy into finding out the right version... most of the work is done (unless you tend to change shape a LOT)!!
Anyway, after finding the below picture of a pair of stays in the Philamuseum, I decided I could make just minor changes to my existing white strapless JPR stays (that are not exactly white any more...) and make my version of these. I haven't exactly copied this one, it's more of a mix between the JPR stays with the looks of this.
I really really like the dark blue, the tight boning channels and the white accents with the ribbons and silk threads.
As usual, the fabric matured about a year on my stash, then I carried it to my sewing spot, looked at it some more, then finally cut it... and let is settle some more (we're talking weeks here...). All in all it is a well matured project, I'd say.  I am sometimes amazed, how long I manage to wait with a project although all the material is present. I am just SO bad at cutting the nice fabric. :) I have absolutely no inhibitions with the cheap mock-up fabric. But the nice, good fabric... takes me ages to cut that. ;) Then after putting it all together and just before the final fit I usually put the things aside again. Probably dreading after putting so much effort into them, they won't fit. So it took me MONTHS to make these stays although the work itself was done rather quickly.
I didn't do the bias in white leather but used the same fabric. Also I didn't find a picture of the back view so I just winged it. I know, they don't look the same, but they are not supposed to, just inspiration, remember? ;)

my inspiration: Stays 1725-50, Philamuseum


  1. Manchmal ist es schon spannend, wie lange so ein Stoff 'gären' muß, ehe er dann in seiner genähten Pracht 'trunken' macht ;)
    Ein wunderschönes Stück! Und die kleinen Änderungen machen Deine Schnürbrust einmalig. Besonders die Anordnung der Bänder ist ein richtiger Augenschmaus.


  2. Vielen Dank für Dein Lob, Sabine! Mein Stoffe gären in der Tat manchmal EWIGKEITEN ... aber manchmal kommt so ein "Schub" da wird GANZ GANZ viel Stoff verbraucht und wenn dann keiner da wäre?!? Nicht auszudenken! Für die Verzierung vorne (die Seidenbänder quer) habe ich unvorstellbare 20m Seidenfaden verbraucht. sieht man denen gar nicht an! :) Ich hoffe, die Schnürbrust trägt sich so bequem wie die andere mit Peddigrohr. LG!

  3. I'm so glad to have found your blog and I really look forward to seeing photos of these stays being worn! :)

    1. Getting photographs of my things is my problem no.1. (apart form finishing things...). I am hoping maybe in April... I shall be updating the blogpost then, of course. ! Love, Kris

    2. I know right?! :) Getting photos of costumes being worn is one of my worst problems in this hobby, too. Anyhow, I hope you can find someone to take photos of you wearing these some day :)

    3. I'll give my very best! ;) X, Kris