Friday, 14 March 2014

the OMG LBBD (=Oh My God little Black Bias Dress)

I've been stumbling around the internet again, in search of... well I can't really remember, but sucessfully stumbled over the most gorgeous little black bias dress pattern - AND IT's free!! The whole hompage is well worth a visit, so before you click on the links below, make sure you've got enought time on your hand! : )

picture from

picture from

The free OMG LBBD pattern (and article)

More free patterns by the same lady

The VeraVenus Hompage from the start -Link

That lady is doing some very cool stuff!

(I think I've got some black stretch satin that was supposed to be a skirt and never spontaneously develloped into one, sitting around here ... somewhere...I wonder if it is enough to make into the OMG LBBD!)

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