Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The night before the revolution - a masked ball 1789

(C) Maren

I have attended NeheleniaPatterns Masked Ball 2014 which had the Motto "The Night Before The Revolution - 1789". Some of you might have seen my pictures of my blue Zone Gown - yes, that's what I was wearing. As I was horribly insecure whether the dress would stand the stress of being worn, I also took my Walpole Francaise - you can never go wrong with a robe a la Francaise!  But then the dress did not just explode (yipee! surprise!) and I was wearing it comfortably all night. :)
The Ball took place in the fantastic Schloss Körtlinghausen. So no worries about pretty picturesque surrounding. 
As it was a masked ball I had the pleasure of choosing a mask. I didn't really fancy a Colombina Mask (you know, the pretty one...) so I was looking for something really freaky. First I considered the Moretta Mask, which is REALLY scary, but as it would have meant to wear it with a button between my teeth and thus have my mouth covered (which isn't really handy for eating or talking...) I decided against it. I thought something Venetian Commedia dell'arte like would be nice and then couldn't resist the grotesquely big and ugly noses! Oh my god, I LOVE those!!! I chose the one with the quirkiest swing. ;) It's really creepy when I wear it. ;)This is a "Zanni" - more about that character here on wikipedia. It's a male character, but I had to admit I so wanted to have that nose, I didn't really mind. :)
I did have some unexpected difficulties drinking and eating with this mask, too, though, so I ended  up taking it off for the meal and drinks. Other than that it was pretty scary all way through. :) I got it from :)

The version with the Corset (a sort of lightly boned top with back lacing) was very comfortable to wear. I liked about it, that I don't have to attach an extra stomacher and that it didn't have optical interruption of the front fastening with needles. A Zone-Gown Front with front closure (which has also existed back then) is a very easy option though and doesn't need the extra fitting of the Corset. On the other hand I could use the Corset for another dress, too... some day, maybe. :) i made a new bum pad, too, from woolly felt, very much stuffed with IKEA cushion interiors. You can't see much of it, but it IS bigger. :)

Here are a few pictures of the dress and a few with the mask.

(C) Maren

(C) Maren

(C) Stefan

with flash the colour looks a bit brigther than it actually is! (C) Stefan
(C) Mie

Thank you Maren, Mie and Stefan for the pictures!!!

As to the ball, the castle was SUPERB, a real gem. It was great to see people again and get to know a few more sewing-addicts. I am left with slightly ambivalent feelings concerning some organisational things, but well, so what. Read a great, honest and very true review of the ball here at Silvermedusa's.

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