Tuesday, 25 March 2014

French Japanese modern children's fashion

A friend showed me these modern french/japanese sewing books and I could not resist to sew something for the little one.

First I made a blouse from the book "Mademoiselle" by Yuki Araki (french translation)
it's the blouse "Marie Antoinette", page 6, model c. SO easy! And I love the fabric, it was a remnant in a local shop. Just enough for the blouse. ;)

"Mademoiselle" by Yuki Araki
Some time ago I made leggings from this book, which are fabulously easy, too. And VERY practical. They are from cotton/stretchjersey.The  book is calles "Basiques pour les 2 à 6 ans" by Carole Favero.I think all of you know what leggings look like, so I didn't take an extra picture...

"Basiques pour les 2 à 6 ans" by Carole Favero

I am very much loving those. :) 
 Both books contain severa patterns on slightly chaotic giant sheets, but if you can manage ottobre design pattern sheets, you can handle these too! :) 

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