Sunday, 29 September 2013

Analysing - La Belle Chocolatiere

I guess everybody has seen the lovely "La Belle Chocolatiere" by Liotard (1743-45). And I have also arrived at the conclusion, that I NEED a chocolatiere-dress.

Liotard, La Belle Chocolatiere (1743-5)

She's wearing a iridiscent skirt, from all I could tell from Internet pictures (I wish I could see the Original painting in Dresden!). Grey, blueish? Maybe a hint of green?
Her jacket is most intruiging. A  beautiful orange, brown, red. Not only that only a small part of it is visible, that bit is SO cute! Rather tight sleeves with beautiful winged cuffs. The back/tail of the jacket falls in beautiful fold like little waterfall and is lined with white fabric. It is cut shorter in the front that in the back.
I have also noticed a very small sort of wavy collar.
and now the most intriguing: at the top of the jacket between fichu and the jacket is a bit of yellow patterned "something". Are those her stays? Or is that some sort of very wide stomacher? Is the jacket fastening in the front over a stomacher anyway? It seems that between fichu and jacket underneath the apron top there is a dark gap that can't really be explained if you postulate a straight front fastening jacket. Or is the jacket fastening with laces in the fronst and not closed properly? Unlikely, she seems to be very tidy and neatly dressed... (light coloured shoes and that light rose cap!)

I have really no idea, what the front of the Jacket looks like, but it's definitely a looker. ;)

This is what I found in online collections... not too close to that, but not too far off, either. 

Metmuseum 1725-30s, is this the back or the front? sleeves look a bit funny to be the front...

Nationaltrust UK 1736-40

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