Friday, 11 September 2015

The "Duck à l'orange" Cloche

Another cloche in a colour that will definitely make car drivers see me in winter. :) For no real reason (other than the strikingly orange colour, obviously) it became the "Duck a l'orange" cloche.
This time I've planned the positions of the pleating a bit more careful, used stainless steel super fine needles and didn't brush as vigorously. :)

my skills considering hair-dos definitely need seeing to...

I still have a lot to learn about the free from felting but I think I am getting somewhere. Even the weather has changed - from nearly 40 degrees celsius to about 24 degrees. :) Autumn is definitely on its way!

Normally I wouldn't choose orange, but I do like the cloche, although I am not sure, whether orange really suits my complexion. Nevertheless, I guess in winter it will look nice with a  black coat. 


  1. It's adorable! I'm enjoying watching and learning from your hatmaking adventures. :-)

    1. Thank you Lauren, that's really kind of you! Hatmaking is such a great thing, everybody should try it!