Monday, 7 November 2016

Kira the kangaroo - Lalylala patterns

She's been carrying around the baby all night... that's why she looks tired!

 Just in time I've finished the Kira Kangaroo with baby Crochet Pattern by lalylala - a dear friend of mine had her first baby and I made a few bodies, shirts and a patchwork blanket for the little one (totally got carried away...! and of course didn't take a single picture of the things...), and then I saw the Kira pattern and though i MUST make this for her. It's so irresistably cute! :)

But you just have to cuddle them all of the time, because they are SO cute, no matter how tired you are! ;)
The pattern is really well described, good pictures, it was easy to follow the instructions. I am a real beginner with crocheting and the technique of making the "belly bag" for the baby and the ears in this bubbly pattern was really difficult... it was all about just the right tension of the thread - but after about 5 ears that didn't quite look right it suddenly worked... (the instructions are fine, it was me...)

slight counting issues on the tail... nothing to worry about though, who needs balance when they've got a baby?!

No trace of ear issues any more...

It was so fun to make this pattern and I am really pleased with the outcome. It's  a clear recommendation! (I think her pattern might me addictive additive!)

Check out her patterns on her Hompage :

Total: 20 Euros
Pattern about 5-6Euros
Wool: had to get all of the wool apart from the scarf material. About 14 Euros all in all. But I've got plenty left... Maybe I could make another Kira? Or anoher Bina? 

Things learnt: Sort of lacy, bubbly pattern. Counting. Reading a crochet chart.

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