Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Free 1961 Pattern drafting book!

I've come another great resource for drafting patterns. I was actually looking for ways people adjusted Ginger Jeans, when I came across this blog Kat Makes and she's doing a lot of great stuff and despite the fact that she has a completely different shape to me, I found lots of really cool stuff on her page. So check her out.

She's also drafting her own patterns and is using this free(!) and downloadable resource, which I recommend. It has the same sort of feel my "Dorothy Moore" book has, but is so much easer to access. :)

Pattern drafting and grading (by Michael Rohr, 1961)



  1. Just discovered your blog. It's make and mend here in our household too, mostly because I simply became disgusted with stuff-stuff-stuff and the effects of a hoarding and throwaway society on our environment. Making it a 2-year challenge; wow.

    Love the 1961 drafting book. Super resource!

    Thanks kindly,

    Natalie in der USA

    1. Hei Natalie, thank you for your nice words! I found the first year of the challenge more difficult than the second but on the whole it was (and still is) such a relieve to be out of that hamster wheel of consumption. There are so many cool drafting books out there, the internet is a marvellous thing!
      Regards, Kerstin