Wednesday, 13 November 2013

1750s Riding Habit - Janet Arnold

Let's say it's my "i'm mysterious" look. ;)

After receiving the program for the La Motte Tilly Weekend and reading the words "Hunt" "outdoor games" "Park" I was determined to whip together Janet Arnold's Riding habit (dated 1730s-50s). Luckily, the lovely Mme du Jard had copied and made the pattern previously so I could use her pattern and jacket for fitting purposes and didn't have to scale it up. :) Being a comparable size I didn't need to make many adjustments (again, lucky me...) and have come up with my version of the Riding habit. The original garment can be seen in the snowshill collection HERE.
I've started a collection of pictures of Riding habits in Pinterest, too, just in case: HERE.

I have used very dark blue loden cloth for both the jacket and the skirt (which is worn over small side hoops, rocking horse pattern, and a quilted petticoat). The pockets (which are fully funktional in the original) are just fake. 1. I would only use the hoops 2. I was running out of time. :) I didn't miss them a bit.
 I am also wearing a habit shirt, made from fine white linen, and white cotton scarf (thank you M. Beyschlag!). Out of reasons beyond my control (bad hair day...) I am not wearing a hat, which is nearly inexcusable. Concentrate on the green stockings instead.

green stockings! hunter's green maybe? So in no need of a rifle myself. ;)

here you can see another example of a riding habit with vest. and myself. and a very fine man with his rifle.

Snowshill Collection, Janet Arnold Pattern

Hoping to get some more pictures, too... :)


  1. Wunderschöne Bilder, besonders das erste Foto ist unglaublich ausdrucksstark! Mehr davon :)

  2. Danke Dir! Ich glaub es gibt leider nicht mehr Bilder davon... liebe Grüsse aus dem Schwarzwald! :)