Friday, 1 November 2013

the wolf at the door - a quick and easy draught excluder

It's cold, it's wet and it's definitely getting winter...
This is the first winter in out new home, so we still have to get used to some things. One thing I refuse to get used to is draught (ice-cold!) coming in underneath our front door, from the hallway. Having 50cms of furry, wolfy material and some felt I whipped together a 60mins (at most...) wolf-draught-excluder.

all you need is approx 50cms furry fabric, a bit of red felt for the tongue, a bit of black felt for the nose and the underneath of the tail, a bit of grey (or whatever colour) for the inside of the ears, and 2 buttons for the eyes. And somethings to stuff it - I used scrap fabric loosely stuffed. ;)

wolf draught excluder "pattern"
this is how to cut your 50cms piece of furry stuff. the long thin thing is the tail. you can do it nicely by sewing it, i was lazy and just glued black feld on the wrong side of the fabric. Works just as well. Then I sewed grey felt right on right onto the two "ear-triangles" and turned them to the right side.
From a piece of black felt I folded a trazezoid shaped nose and stiched it together by hand.
Then by machine I sewed the front, side and belly part of the wolf together, leaving the bum area open for stuffing. ;) Then I stitched (by hand) the ears, nose, tongue and eyes on the desired place (longs seam being the belly and thus facing to the floor) and attached to tail to the bottom. Stuff your animal and close the back opening. Finished. Lucy loves him, he's called "Yay".
Have a cuddly winter, now you have a wold on your doorstep, on the right side. I'm sure he'll keep the other ones away.

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