Monday 27 January 2014

1740s Ensemble inspired by Liotard's "la belle chocolatiere" 1743-5

Finally I have come up with my version of "La belle chocolatiere" by Liotard. Although I've made the mock-up a while ago it always takes me ages to get going on the real thing. I'm just so worried to cut the nice silk!!!! :) Anyway, I've done it now. A bit further below you find the inspirational picture, a real beauty. As I've not had the chance to see the original painting, I had to make a lot of guesswork concerning the colour. Also, of course, the pattern is really just inspired by this, I have absolutely no idea, whether the back folds are really made this way. I also have decided against front lacing. I am quite sure that in the picture the jacket is lacing in the front and also isn't quite closed (which might explain the odd fichu - apron situation). My jacket is front closing with needles. I am wearing the skirt over a bum pad, the bonnet is made from linen.

the chocolatiere also needs recreational time... please ALSO note the adoring daisy decoration in monsieurs side curls. ;)

La belle chocolatiere, Liotard, 1743-45

La belle chocolatiere, Liotard, 1743-45, detail

I do admit these pictures on the dressform aren't really doing the ensemble justice, but I am hoping to get some proper pictures of it at some point soon (more springish... we've just had a snow-rain-something shower...). Also the colours of my dress are really different,   darker... but well... are they ever what they seem, colours on photos and on the internet??? Anyway, I've also just taken side views, like in the portrait. 

with fabric giving the impression of the bib like in the painting

just an apron

jacket and skirt

detail collar

The plain bonnet in thin white linen is made following this pattern from Durantextiles


  1. Wunderschön! Dein Ensemble ist sehr gelungen - und ich finde die Farben sehr schön. Ich freu mich auf Bilder mit dir drin! :-)
    lg, eva

  2. Vielen Dank Eva! DIe Farben sind in Wirklichkeit etwas gedeckter und dunkler. Ich hoffe Ende April Bilder mit mir drin zu haben! ;) LG!