Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Minikrea "Spencer" - 20004

Although this sounds as if it was something historical, it isn't. Sorry. :) It is not a Regency Spenzer/Spencer.
It is a dress for the little one. I've had this fabric on my stash for ages (three years or more), initially I wanted to make a skirt for myself but it never happened. So I've made this dress. To add some color I've used 2 red buttons for closure and handembroidered 2 flowers at the bottom right. The back view is the same, just no embroidery.
The pattern was from Minikrea "Spencer 20004", I didn't even make a lining because the dress is meant for our hot summers and it's linen and light and wonderful the way it is. The pattern is more than easy. Runs a little big but that doesn't really matter. (Yes, I DO sew light summer things in winter... it's about to snow here... I so much LONG for a warm summer!)

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