Thursday, 13 February 2014

An apple a day....

I am not entirely sure WHY, but I've had LOTS of this crazy 70s apple fabric (cotton 100%) lying around here... waiting. Patiently.

It's called "Wendelin" from Swafing. 
And it really is a lot of apples.
I've made a duvet cover and a pillow case for the little one from it.

bubble dress based on Minikrea Spencer 20004
And a Pinafore (Ottobre Design 1/12 "Home sweet Home")
And a Ballonbuks (Minikrea 20301)
And a Bubble dress (with the help of Minikrea 20004)

For the Bubble dress I took the Minikea Pattern "Spencer" (20004) and used the dress (sz 92) as the lining. I then cut a piece of the apple fabric that is about 2 inches longer and slightly wider at the bottom to be the outer dress. To gather the bottom of the apple fabric nicely, I used Framilon/Framilastic/transparents elastic, 10mm. SO easy!! The dress closes with 2 little heart shaped buttons in red at the top.

Minikrea Ballonbuks 20301

pinafore Home Sweet Home OD 1/12

 The pinafore closes with 2 snaps. I've used dark red cotton as a lining. And instead of using  bias tape (as suggested in the Ottobre Design) I just sewed them together right on right, leaving a small gap to turn the whole thing and then topstitching it all the way round.

And I've STILL got fabric left. I might keep it and use it as a lining for a hoodie hood. For myself. ;)

And I am still brooding over starting my next historical sewing projects: Another pair of stays (JPR, to be finished until April this year) AND a complete outfit for a peasant (to be finished until August...). And the little one needs a dress for August, too...


  1. Oh my gosh what fun is that fabric and the very fun items you made from it!! yeah apple fabric!


    1. Thank you Gina! The ballonbuks together with the Pinafore looks insanely apple-y. ;) I can't get enough of it!

  2. Oooohh wie knuffelig! Die Idee mit dem Ballonkleid find ich übrigens klasse!

    1. Hab ich irgendwo im Netz gesehen und gedacht - das krieg ich auch ohne Kauf-Schnittmuster hin. ;) War auch ganz einfach!