Sunday, 2 February 2014

More crazy shirts - Ottobre Design Mail Express and Pinaatti

I've got so much jersey fabric here and I am still hesitating to start my new historical  sewing project (despite pattern (adjusted), material and stuff sitting right in front of me...) - so with the weekend being here I've made two MORE dresses/shirts for the little one.

The first one is the tunic "Mail express" from OD 1/12. SO easy! I didn't have any Framilon so I just squeezed the jersey together. Works, too. ;)

Mail express, ottobre design 1/12

The next shirt is based on the Pinaatti (did you know that means SPINACH?!?!)  shirt, I've used the alterations I had made for the Mini-Martha Pullover (divided front) and made it into a cross-cover front. I originally wanted the right side on top, but I (again) got confused somewhere in the middle so the left side is on top now. Does it really matter...? ;)
Anyway, both are still a bit big for the little one, but Nature solves that problem.
Again, SOOO easy to put together, took about 2 hrs all in all (both shirts...). I do love that about thos small modern things.
Variation of Pinaatti OD 1/10

Have a great week!

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