Friday, 5 December 2014

Trousers! more Trousers!

Wish I had trousers liket his... I love the the look!

I have completely and totally fallen in love with the Charles Pattern from compagnie-M - they ARE SO EASY! And quick! And great! And with an elastic in the back for comfort and fit. I love details like that. And because I just couldn't get enough, I made some more. I also had to make some more, because I put the first Charles trouser in the regular Wash, and that lovely woolen fabric - felted... shrunk... and fits a doll now... you see the picture... those pants used to be the same size. Before mummy came...
More Charles - green Tweed woll and rusty red fine stretchy corduroy.
Charles - one size 98,and the shrunk Charles on the right. *sob*

And then to round a nice sewing weekend off, I made another of my favourites - The minikrea Ballonbuks

my all time favourite - ballonbuks. with lining.

 And after that, I got a nasty cold... Well well well...
On the way to getting better now, so woopee, Christmas here we come, or so...



  1. Hey, Charles in grau & gelb ist wirklich chic!!! Die könnten mir auch gefallen :)

    1. Ich bin auch ganz neidisch. Aber ist leider nur für Kinder das Schnittmuster!