Tuesday, 6 January 2015

sewing ideas for 2015 and the rest of the century!


I've finally managed to get over a nasty cold that kept me out of order for about 2 weeks (yes, the holidays, what else?!)  and started thinking about 2015 in many many many ways. Also in sewing ways, of course.
And I had to face the fact, that probably most of 2015 I won't be able to sew "properly" fitted garments. At least not until October or so...  The happy reason for this is, that we are expecting our second child - but this of course means, life will be completely turned upside down (again) and if I find the time at all to do some stuff for myself (all mothers of small children will smile this weary smile now...) making fitted garment to a changing body won't make much sense. That is problem no 1.
Remembering the first months with little Miss L., a lot of carrying was involved. And walking around. With the baby in a carrysling. I've tried to sit in front of the sewing machine with a little one strapped to my front but I can assure you - it doesn't really work. That is problem no 2.

As I haven't given up hope to do at least a little bit of stuff, I am going to use this chance to cover new territory - and learn new things. Not that I had mastered sewing, far from it, BUT I think I could really do with some experience in the knitting and crocheting sector. Actually I've only crocheted one thing before (a lalylala doll, that little Miss L absolutely adores so i think I'm going to make another one...). And my knitting is... well... I wouldn't say I really know what I am doing there... So the next year will mostly be dedicated to knitting projects (I've seen some GREAT stuff out there already!!! oh my goodness, some people have magic fingers!). And sewing childrens stuff, of course, and maybe something stretchy and modern things for myself (I'm just saying "Martha"). But lets be honest, as a working mum (and after a year parental time I'm back into real life, full time work) with a lovely husband and 2 children that I ACTUALLY want to spend time with (yes, all three!) it will be a busy life. I wouldn't mind if someone managed to invent a machine where you can stop the world and have a few hours just for doing stuff (not just hobbies, also things like tax return, sorting papers, doing yoga, sleep(!), and so on). But on the other hand it makes me appreciate what I am doing even more. I've even come to terms with sewing by hand, which a few years ago, would have made me abandon a project. :)

Towards the end of this year I am going to make a Robe a l'Anglaise (you won't believe it - I've got all the material already... I am just waiting for my shape to reappear to see if and how I will still fit in my stays in October... I am going to use my favourite JPR pattern again, with slight modifications...) and I am also dedicated to do some (pattern and all) research into the 1940s-1950s (intending to wear them in everyday life) during 2015. I really enjoy sewing historical garments but I've been concentrating quite a lot on the 18th century and I would like some change.

So I am not only collecting ideas for 2015, but I am also announcing a project I am trying to pursue from late 2015 onwards:  
"A dress through the decades - from the late 16th century to the 1970s"
and I am very curious about the outcome. I am expecting to learn lots of new sewing techniques (let's not talk about the frustrations that are bound to come...) and apart from that I am also looking forward to sew some more "wearable" retro stuff for everyday life (as soon as we've established a sort of routine again...). I've pretty much covered a lot of the 18th century already, maybe a little weak on the 1790s and nothing 1700-1720. But I have absolutely no idea about the 1810s and the following years... some decades are causing serious headaches already... like the 1830s and 1890s... i'm not one for huge ridiculous sleeves...but then again... I am sure I will find some inspirational painting or print that will reconcile me with that decade and make me think that leg of mutton sleeves are the bees knees. I am also not sure about the 17th century yet - but again I have to admit I hardly know anything about it. But that's the whole point - to learn about different centuries and decades. :)
The scale of the project is rather big, too. After all, it's 10 decades per century and that means 10 dresses per century - strictly speaking it would mean 38 dresses covering 380 years... I am probably not going to be THAT strict about it and I am most certainly not going to sew chronologically (yes, exactly, it's like eating the dessert first!).
Considering my sewing speed... this project will take me YEARS if not decades. This seems daunting at first, but think about the possibilities!! Browsing through paintings, prints, books, fabrics (yay!! what chances to stash away TONS of fabric!) and learning new sewing techniques. I LOVE IT!!! This will probably keep me busy for the next 30 years. At least. Because we all know - it's not just the dress... it starts with the right undergarments with the dress come the right accessoires, shoes, hair, etc etc. The list doesn't stop.

So, basically, I've just planned the rest of my life (sewing wise). :) Does it show I'm German?
Anyway, I hope we'll have lots of fun sewing together and come up with some crazy stuff in the future!

Lots of love


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