Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cowl neck jumper dress for Miss L.


I've done some sewing for Miss L. again. A while ago I had bought some patterns from Heidi and Finn ( and finally I've got around to making the Cowl neck dress. i've chosen the size 3T which should be just about right for her age... the pattern runs a little large, I think, but the fabric is really stretchy and soft, too, so maybe it's that.

I had some medium to lightweight jersey (I think it is viscose...) lying around, I must have bought that for some other project but i REALLY don't remember what I intended to do with it in the first place. Despite the fact that it is rather thin, it has a nice drape and an acceptable weight.

Of course, as usual, Miss L. HATES new here a picture on the hanger...

I've made an extra belt (not ties from the same fabric because I hate making small tubes, they always end up as weird sausages...), I have used a big 8 hook knitting dolly for that (Strickliesl). I think this is the first time in about 20 odd years, that I've done something with a knitting dolly. :) But i quite like it.

The pattern was a pdf download from etsy. The assembly is not too difficult but I've had other pdf patterns where it was more idiot proof. Despite that, I've managed. :)
The instructions are clear and with lots of pictures, very suitable for beginners. The pattern itself is really easy and went together well. It's really just 5 pieces (and that's counting both sleeves...) but experience tells us... if it is more than one piece, you can do it wrong. What I LOVE about the sleeves it, that they are same same for both sides. So no right-left-right-what-oh-no-wrong-AGAIN-worries. I hate sleeves...
Anyway, I can recommend this pattern. :) (actually I think I might like one of those for myself, it looks really comfy!) And a but 60s. I will keep this in mind.

Have a lovely day! - Hertzwerk.

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