Monday 9 February 2015

monmouth cap and another one... knitting...

I've started knitting again... to get into it, I chose 2 quick and easy projects (even matching the cold snowy winterweather finally...)

4 years ago I have knitted the monmouth cap ... and then it got lost... so after contemplating (for about another year) I have decided to knit another one. :) Same instructions, even the same yarn. You can find the link to the instructions on the internet
They are quite clear and straight forward, so nice to follow. There is also a bit of info on the history of the Monmouth Cap (dating back to the 15th century).
I really like hemmed brim, if you fold it up (like on the picture) it gives the ears triple protection against cold and wind. Really does the trick and looks good.

The perfect model for winter hats.
Easy but nice project. :) 

I also made a hat for Miss L., as usual she hates new things, but I really really like it. The colours remind me of blackforest gateau (yummy). It's just a rectangular piece knitted in garter stitch. Then sewn together at sides and top and 2 pompoms attached. Ready. I am a bit jealous (again... as usual...)..

I just can't get him to look more enthusastic, sry...

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