Monday 16 February 2015

getting into knitting... and crocheting.. but WHY?...

So, my 2015 project "learning how to knit (and crochet) properly" has begun.

Some of you might ask "why on earth is she doing this? Why can't she just stick to sewing?"

And there are even several answers to this question!

1. Because sewing and made to measure garments just don't make sense when you are 9 months pregnant or still have the "post-baby-belly" (for those of you not so familiar with physical changes in pregnancy remember the old saying "9 month the belly comes, 9 months the belly goes" - which adds up to 18 months of weird sizes - ideally -) - and i don't want/need that much of maternity clothes...
2. Because the children don't need that many clothes...
3. Because I couldn't resist learning something new...
4. Just LOOK at the woodland knits book, HOW can you not?!? (and theres another one just begging me to have  a look into it: botanical knits by Alana Dakos. And then you could indulge in estonian lace knits and faire island knits and norwegian patterns and and and...
5. Because for my vintage-inspired wardrobe I could do with a few of those knitted or crocheted tops/blouses ... and you can still get original instructions - what could be better? I've even seen a pattern for a 1930s crochet swim suit... Irresistable!! :) (yes, that's the real reason, really, but I am not yet couragous enough to start on those...)
My first project after the warming up phase (woolly hats) are mitts. They are knitted in a basic lace-pattern (Ajourmuster) in blue merino wool.  Never done mitts or Ajour before...

I am using the book "stricken basisc" by Stephanie van der Linden (a German publication, knitting proper stuff in English will be the next step). It's a basic techniques book for beginners with a few nice projects and lots of explanations. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow and the pictures that go with the intructions are really helpful. Very recommendable. They also have instructions for left-handed knitting.

My next projects are from the book "woodland knits" by Stephanie Dosen and are a lot more challenging. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of techniques involved, that the basic knitting book doesn't include, but I am going to consult youtube and and generally the internet for that. If I don't challenge myself, I will only knit garter stitch, so... I am going to learn how to knit cables, how to wrap and turn and how to knit 4 below... I might end up knitting upside down altogether. :)

Also, I think it will take me so long to master these techniques, that until then the baby bump should be ... well... considerably reduced I hope. I don't dare to hope it will go back to "before".

So, we can all look forward to weird knitted and crocheted accessoires and in the end, hopefully, vintage pattern inspired blouses/tops or even a swimsuit. ;) 

Now, if that's not a bunch of really good reasons, I don't know what to say!


  1. Auch ich liebe Woodland Knits und die Bücher Botanical Knits!
    Hast du noch andere Sachen gestrickt/ausprobiert?

    Finde ich echt stark, dass du einfach so losstrickst!

  2. Ich hab sonst nur das Buch zum Lernen von Stricken, da hab ich die Muster alle mal nachgestrickt zum Üben, aber ansonsten hab ich keine Bücher. Ausser einem Häkel-Lernen-Buch und der Bina-Bär-Puppe hab ich auch nichts gehäkelt... ich hab jetzt den Birken-Schal von Woodland Knits angefangen, aber aufgrund von zu gutem Wetter stagnieren grade alle Bastelprojekte. :)

    1. Ja, die Strick-Bibel habe ich auch gekauft, benutze sie aber nie. Ich stricke nur auf English :)
      Kennst du ravelry? Da lernt man auch sehr viel und den Birkenschal finde ich auch klasse. Muss ich auch mal stricken!

    2. Ravelry kenne ich, hab mir aber erstmal fest vorgenommen erstmal woodland knits "abzuarbeiten" und dann hab ich da noch so ein Heft... "Jane Austen Knits"... und noch so viele andere Ideen! :)

  3. Hmmm...wir haben einen ähnlichen Strickgeschmack :)
    Jane Austen Knits...da habe ich auch einige Hefte.
    Von Woodland Knits habe ich bisher nur die Hirschmütze gestrickt und die Schmetterlings-Stulpen sind in meiner Warteschleife, ebenso wie der Birkenschal.
    Falls du mal wieder bei ravelry bist, da bin ich Titschi-knit.