Friday, 29 May 2015

Klinkerklunk aka Yoki the fat dragon

Not at all related to hat making or historical sewing ...
I've made a toy dragon for Daughter No 1.
I just couldn't resist.

The starting point was this book that I am reading to her at the moment (again and again and again...)
"Heute ist Lucy Prinzessin"
and also "Heute ist Lucy Piratin"
 They are actually really nice and this Lucy has a dragon called "Klinkerklunk" who is adorable and loves rasperry jam. So I made a Klinkerklunk, too.

I ordered a kit (just batting  needed extra, very recommendable for stressed mothers...) and it all went together nicely. I recommend sewing it by hand. It's far easier than with the machine because of all those small part.

Here's the link to the dragon pattern
Yoki the fat dragon pattern on etsy
it's also availabe on
She also sells LOTS of other uber-cute patterns and kits (yeah!!) to maky fluffies yourself. :) 
Have a look at her page (and the hippo and giraffe and the octopus OH MY!!)

Klinkerklunk has joined her to nursery today AND survived it. :)

Have a great weekend, 



  1. Wie niedlich :) Und so 'fat' schaut er gar nicht aus, aber er ist ja auch noch klein, das kann ja noch werden ;)