Monday 22 June 2015

Take me to bed - Manteau de Lit

I had wanted to make a Manteau de Lit for quite a while now but despite understanding French I just really couldn't make out what on earth Garsault wanted to tell the reader about how to make that bedgown. And helpful pages on the net weren't helping me either (too little pictures, I am very visual... but have a look at this page, it's really helpful otherwise )
It was the collar thing that threw me really. 
So after years of contemplating I decided to buy a commercial pattern for the instructions ( I have to admit I felt really stupid to buy a pattern for a 5 piece gown... ...but anyhow it just proves that sometimes it's the simple things that are most difficult...) Even after reading the instructions of the JP Ryan pattern I wasn't sure where this was going to lead, and then I just thought I'd try it with the lining first. And it was dead easy. Honestly. I am glad after all to have her instructions.
I've had some fabric leftover from the Garthwaite Anglaise which I used as the outer fabric. And I've even had a bit over to make a pieces skirt for the Anglaise. I'm really pleased with that. ... :)

So here is a picture of my comfortable Manteau de Lit. :) Perfect garment, goes with anything. Even with jeans, a feather and a funny face.

the socks! (+ can you find the little mouse?)

 The collar of the Manteau de Lit can be worn 2 different ways, either inside out (so the lining shows, which can be a nice contrast), or outside in, which I prefer for this patterned silk.

Edit 7/2015: I've made a teeny tiny slideshow on how to assemble the collar.

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