Monday, 18 July 2016

Linen trousers old and new

Summer is approaching finally and I have started wearing my linen trousers again. I've got 3 black ones. they have  faded quite a bit, I find linen does that, probably due to its chemical properties.

All of the trousers are still good, so I don't really want to get rid of them, so - my first "make and mend" project - I re-dyed them black with the help of the washing machine. And I really like the result. Proper happy black. ;)
    I've used Simplicol Colours (R) and their "salt" so it adds up to 7,48 Euros for 3 "new trousers".

    Why didn't I post a picture: Well, I made 2, but I think my camera hates me and made them look the same (just the wrinkles and creases  were in different places, which proved it was a different picture...). And I didn't really want to show you 2 pictures that are more or less the same. 

    EDIT: I noticed a very very thin fabric area in the crotch area on one of them now... makes it unwearable, unfortunately. BUT the trousers are 12 years old, so it's ok. AND I am going to take the pattern so I can make a new pair, because they did fit quite well.

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