Monday, 18 July 2016

Make And Mend - Dots Shirt

So... it's "Make And Mend" Monday again! :)

Sunday we wanted to go to Church (I've visited Freiburg Anglican Church for the first time and it was really nice!). So on Sunday morning I pulled my favourite blouse out of the wardrobe because I thought it would be the perfect thing: It was going to be a hot day and that blouse is made of thin (but not too thin) and not too wrinkly 100% cotton, it looks semi-decent with my (freshly dyed) black linen trousers... and I LOVE it! (I bought it about 10 years ago at H&M and I just love the crazy dots. It reminds me of Marimekko a bit, somehow... and I love dots anyway... and it's happy black, too!)

So, I took it from the hanger (I didn't really pull it, since I sorted through the wardrobe I have lots of space in there) and put it on and - it had 2 holes! Big ones! And I have absolutely no idea, where they come from! Quelle horreur! I temporarily fixed it with some black thread and then when we came home tried to do it better. Here's the process:

As you can see, you can't really see the holes...

But when you look closer, they are bigger than acceptable... *sniff*

Mounted on my ironing Board (left side out)

I used pins to adapt the fabric as close as possible

And added a light-weight fusible interlining thing (like H180 vlieseline)

THis is what it looks like from the right side.

I made tiny pleats and used backstitch to secure them, just the frayed corners of the rips were concealed like this, no more.

You can see the tiny pleats here, but because the fabric has this lively pattern, they hardly show.
Finish! As Good As New! And still my favourite blouse!

So that's another item saved!

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